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Re: Linux Founder Disrespects Ancestors, Steals the Thunder

Verily I say unto thee, that paulgaskin@xxxxxxxxx spake thusly:

You snipped the attribution for the OP, but I assume it's DooFuS,
judging by the predictable frothing.

>> What's not "black and white" about a dense moron like you making
>> unfounded allegations of "Microsoft is a baby-killer"

A faulty Xbox power cable caused a fire that subsequently burnt a young
couple's house down, and killed their baby.


Microsoft then belittled the couple's loss by questioning if the death
of their child even constituted a "loss" /at all/; blamed the incident
on "abuse" - even after they'd already publicly admitted this was a
*known fault* and *issued a recall*; and as a final insult they demanded
the couple pay the Vole's legal costs.

This is all very well documented, DooFuS.

Original articles:


My reaction:


The fact that you seem more outraged by my reaction, than to Microsoft's
gross negligence and subsequent descent to the very literal status of
"baby killing monster", only further proves you are just as much of an
evil bastard as the monsters you worship in Redmond.

>> or that "Microsoft should not exist"?

In what way is "Microsoft should not exist" an "allegation"?


Certainly Microsoft should not exist, for exactly the same reason why
cancer should not exist.

> You're confusing the debate over abortion with software licensing.

No, he's confusing his fanboyism for a particular software platform,
with his "evangelism" of a bunch of gangsters.

>> How do you "fight back" - smoke another cigarette, post another
>> stupid rant to Usenet

Exactly right - minus the "stupid"; that's more /your/ forté, DooFuS.

> then go fire up your Windows box for a nice gaming session?

The last time I "fire[d] up [my] Windows box for a 'nice' gaming
session" was last Christmas, when I tried and failed to get Quake Wars
Enemy Territory (a Christmas present) to run under XP, but rebooted to
Linux and ran the Linux client with no problem. IIRC I posted /that/
"rant" on COLA too.

> No Windows for me! I play Alien Arena on my GNU/Linux netbook.

I'm a bit too old to play games very often, but when I do it's
invariably under Linux, either natively or emulated using WINE/Cedega.

>> You're an idiot

For what ... posting the truth; having principles; or being outraged by
Microsoft's grossly immoral and/or illegal behaviour?

>> [H]ypocrite.  Your entire IT career was built on supporting 
>> proprietary systems

Some of it, yes (although even that was strictly "bespoke" rather than
actually proprietary), but as usual most of it is just your fantasy. And
even if it were true (to the extent you'd like it to be), we've already
covered your strange notion that one's employment is inherently
representative of one's principles, and that employees/contractors can
somehow coerce their employers to strictly follow one's own principles.
Oh, and that other strange notion that "having a job" is somehow
antithetical to advocating Freedom.

Clearly it's /you/ who's the idiot, DooFuS.

>> but suddenly you think you're some kind of freedom fighter.

I have an opinion and then express it. Call that "freedom fighter" if
you want. It's a Hell of a lot better than being a cheerleader for a
bunch of gangsters, like you are.

>> It's a real laff.

Yes, I'm sure you cackle like a hyena all day and night, just thinking
about how outraged people are by the thugs you "evangelise" for.

> It's never too late to change your mind

My opinions didn't change, they just formed more clearly over time. The
fact is that I simply didn't always know much about various political
issues. The more I learned, the more outraged I became.

>> I'm sure the Turd kernel will take the world by storm

I'm sure it's easy for a point and drool Visual Basic "programmer" like
you to criticise something you utterly lack the ability to do yourself.

>> ... you should spend the rest of your life working on it.

I'll spend the rest of my life with a clear conscience, fighting for
what's right.

How about you?

> The Hurd project received a Google Summer of Code grant the last 
> couple years. It's moving.

Yes ... slowly. But I simply don't care (although I am encouraged by
recent developments). Frankly I'd love to switch to Hurd permanently,
even if I had to lose some functionality, since there are certain
political aspects to Linux (the kernel) that make me somewhat
uncomfortable. That time hasn't come yet, but I can see it happening

>>> protecting that community and its software from unambiguously
>>> vicious predators like Microsoft.
>> You mean "that community and its crapware".

Interesting response.

I claim Microsoft are "unambiguously vicious predators", and you respond
with a juvenile insult against FOSS, but make no attempt to deny my claim.

IOW you /know/ Microsoft are wrong, and /you/ are wrong for supporting them.

And if FOSS is all such "crapware" then why is the Vole pursuing it so
frantically? Why did Sweaty claim that Linux is Microsoft's biggest
competition? Why did Microsoft pay so much money to (essentially) "buy"
Novell? Why is Asus embedding Linux on every motherboard they
manufacture? Why are Netbook vendors scrambling to supply Linux-powered

> Oh snap!

Windows doesn't have a "community", it has victim support groups.


| "At the time, I thought C was the most elegant language and Java
|  the most practical one. That point of view lasted for maybe two
|  weeks after initial exposure to Lisp."   ~ Constantine Vetoshev

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