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Re: [News] Linux Founder Disrespects Ancestors, Steals the Thunder

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____/ chrisv on Thursday 20 November 2008 14:46 : \____

> Homer wrote:
>>I assume he's advocating apathy, rather than outright support for
>>gangsters like Microsoft. The problem, or rather one of many problems,
>>with Torvalds analysis, is it ignores the possibility that sometimes an
>>issue /is/ "black and white". If Torvalds stopped preening in the mirror
>>long enough to take a look around, he'd see the full scale of the threat
>>Microsoft poses, not just against Linux, but in a much wider context
>>too. The fact that Torvalds is disinterested in Microsoft's unethical
>>behaviour, particularly when it's directed towards the community of
>>which he is supposedly a central part, should not mean that others
>>aren't justified in being outraged about such behaviour.
> Seems to me that he's just a technical person, and really doesn't want
> to get-into the ethics and/or politics of software.  Maybe he just
> doesn't "get" that part of it, or thinks that it's futile or
> counter-productive to engage in a war of words with Micro$oft.
> I tend to agree with what him on most matters, except I will say that
> I think that Micro$oft is an evil, immoral organization.  However, if
> I had as high a profile as he does, I may well choose not to discuss
> that side of things...

The best thing for one in his position is to not bother with 'politics'
(distraction) but not to dismiss those who do, either.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

"The danger is that Microsoft is using strategic monopolistic pricing in the
education market, with the government’s assistance, to turn our state
university systems into private workforce training programs for Microsoft."
                --Nathan Newman
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