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Re: Impressive. 38 Articles to the group each one 4 minutes apart.

Hadron wrote:
William Poaster writes:
chrisv wrote:
thick fsck "Ezekiel" asked:

What's the difference between this and the spammer trying to sell viagra?

If the viagra posts were posted to a viagra advocacy group, nothing, you thick fsck.


Well if you look at the troll's statement carefully, he answered his own question.

To be pedantic, for the thick trolls screaming about Roy's posts, it is NOT spam. To use the troll's example, the BIG difference is that the spammer is trying to *sell* viagra. Did anyone notice the word "sell"? Roy OTOH is not trying to
sell *anything*.

Basically these trolls including DFS have no respect for Linux
nor the charter of this newsgroup, which is:


1.4 The Charter of comp.os.linux.advocacy

   The charter of comp.os.linux.advocacy is:

     For discussion of the benefits of Linux compared to other
operating systems.

   That single sentence is the one and only charter of the
newsgroup comp.os.linux.advocacy. The newsgroup's charter is for
the newsgroup as a place for supporters of Linux to gather to
discuss Linux, for the betterment of the Linux community and the
promotion and development of Linux. It supports this as a place
for those who would like to learn more about Linux to come to
learn from those who know Linux. It does not call for it to be a
place where the anti-Linux propagandists to gather in order to
discredit Linux.

So far, just about everything they state within this newsgroup is
done in a manner to discredit Linux.  Then to add insult to
injury, attack the poster instead of addressing the topics in
discussion, adding flavours of ad hominem rants, distortions of
the truth such as:


From: Hadron <hadronqu...@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 06:38:41 +0100
Subject: Re: No more Asus Eee PCs

"DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> writes: [...]

Because you're a weak-minded liar and Linux luser who can't back up his bullshit.

Not once has he refuted any correction I offered him. In my mind
that makes him less useful than chrisv or tattoo vampire at
elocution lessons.

He does a Chris Arestrom and snips the replies and tries to
rewrite history.

On one day I had Liarnut begrudgingly thank me for correcting him
on a Debian issue and a few posts later (earning another doggy
drop) claim that I dont use Linux and know nothing about it.

Go figure.

I kind of knew Porter was less useful than a chocolate teapot
when High Plains Hypocrite introduced himself and said how nice
it was to meet a "wintroll fighter" of such legendary
proportions. Poor Terry fell for the troll from whoever it was
and started to believe he really was that person.

Thus insults by twisting poster nyms, twisted analogies, calling
advocates useless, trolls and ad nauseum.


From: Hadron <hadronqu...@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 15:06:38 +0100
Subject: Re: Microsoft Evangelism a Flawed Philosophy

"amicus_curious" [...] writes:
"High Plains Thumper" [...] wrote [...]

These two replies are examples of ad hominem attacks, attacking the poster rather than participating in the

[...] One would hope that you have an understanding of Linux
that is better than your understanding of English!

In fairness to High Plains Hypocrite he is either Chinese of Dutch. But he appears to talk Double Dutch. But you are right about one thing : any language he speaks would be superior to his knowledge of Linux.

All of a sudden, one's heritage, national background or ethnicity give way to false illiteracy conclusions as the central focal point, which of course are ad hominem attacks.


From: Hadron <hadronqu...@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 16:31:34 +0100
Subject: Re: Mighty Putty vs "Mighty" Linux

RonB <ronb02NOS...@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Hamilcar Barca wrote:

Groups: comp.os.linux.advocacy

Nope. I'm a Linux Desktop user, not a developer. Dropped Windows because I got fed up with updating the malware and
antivirus software... not to mention the constant rebooting.

You updated your stuff manually? You MUST be High Plains
Hypocrite. Only he is so stupid. Oh sorry. Or Terry Porter.

is another example of ad hominem rants continued along with falsely accusing an advocate of being a nymshift of two totally different posters. By fact RonB is another advocate.

Is that what you define SPAM as? Just as I thought you could not get any more useless Willy.

The wintrolls (who shouldn't even *be* in this group) are as
usual, putting up strawman arguments.

So you dont think automated, repated posts with zero link to Linux advocacy is SPAM? All Roy is doing is generating hits to
this name and site. Hits make prizes.

No one with any sense reads his garbage anymore because:

1) He robbed the links from better and more balanced sites.
2) His conclusions are invariably wrong.
3) He repeats the same links all the time.
4) A great proportion of his posts reference ancient material more that a year old.

Poor Willy. As clueless as they come.

which is more false accusations with continual ad hominem rants. I find it rather revealing that the troll's agenda basically is to comment spam this newsgroup with Anti-Linux landfill material.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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