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Re: The big Windows 7 lie

After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

>> <Quote>
>> Kennedy found, "In a nutshell, Windows 7 M3 is a virtual twin of Vista
>> when it comes to performance." There are also peas in a pod when it
>> comes to being resource hogs. Microsoft can talk about how Windows 7
>> will work great on netbooks and some people can claim that Windows 7
>> will run desktop Linux off netbooks, but Windows 7 is no more suitable
>> than Vista is for a netbook.
>> What's really going on here is Microsoft's same old, same old.
>> Microsoft is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by making Windows 7
>> look great in staged events and by bribing reviewers with expensive
>> laptops. They're also trying to freeze everyone's purchase plans by
>> making Windows 7 sound like the next great thing, so why would you
>> want to consider say Ubuntu 8.10 or a new Mac?
>> The answer is that if you're sick and tired of being jerked around by
>> Microsoft, and after Vista I would hope some of you would be, now is
>> the perfect time to considering move to Linux or the Mac.
>> </Quote>
>> http://blogs.computerworld.com/the_big_windows_7_lie
> Hehe. We corresponded last night and he took note, I think.

You can see the Munchkins jumping all over the author like fleas, too.

This guy's comment is interesting:

   M$ cannot spend $1billion for OS development to sell it for pennies. They
   got away with it on XP as the R&D has long since been paid for. So
   selling it for pennies for the NetBooks made sense. But they won't be
   able to with Vista/W7 over the long haul. Nor when the box is only $400
   does it make sense to be paying $200-300 for the OS. That will tend to
   raise eyebrows.

   The pricepoint is against M$ and they know it. 

History is curious stuff
	You'd think by now we had enough
Yet the fact remains I fear
	They make more of it every year.

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