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Re: [News] Why Microsoft Fears Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
High Plains Thumper on Tuesday:
Ezekiel wrote:
"High Plains Thumper" wrote...

Following is a continuation of this ad hominem
anti-Linux troll. Selective snippages, to remove the
context, so it can continue its anti-Linux and ad
hominem rants.  This is an example of:


This is an example of the High Plains Moron nymshifting
fool getting his arse handed to him so he runs away from
the *FACTS* like a little child that doesn't want to play
ball anymore.

No, rather this is the Ezekiel troll following in the
footsteps of Hadron:


Hadron wrote:

It IS because of him and two other useless people in particular (CBFalconer and Harold "old school" Stevens (probably both Willy nyms) that I started to drift from
the Ubuntu fan boy zone.

"I got my ass kicked up around my shoulders in AOLU, so in a
lame attempt to hide the ass-kicking I received and
deserved, I puffed out my hollow chest, chortled 'victory'
and acted like I walked away from the group."


It's very nice when the troll tactics are aligned with the FAQ
and the text they try to wash away reappears.

Good job.

What I find most amusing is that these trolls keep posting their untruthful nonsense. They all use the same technique:

1.  Snip away all traces of the truth and embarrassing news.

2. Leave one or two sentences that leave little hint of the total context of the original discussion.

3. Attack the poster or journalist being quoted. Home in on insignificant details like date originally posted, misspellings, grammatical errors, lack of notoriety, physical obesity, denigrate outside-the-box thinking, point out the web site is not a mainstream news source, no matter what is truthful or being expounded in the context of the message.

4. Emahasize the love for profit business practises, value of stock holding and that free software or non-corporate community developed software are unacceptable to the world.

5. Add an insulting barb to the discussion to highlight the insignificant detail or details and to add further discredit to the poster or journalist being quoted.

It is a sign of a losing strategy. The have all basically lost it. Since they cannot argue against the merits, they must resort to ad hominem styled attacks to make their sorrowful points.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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