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Re: [News] Another Win for Linux in the Restaurant

High Plains Thumper <highplainsthumper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Mark Kent on Wednesday :
>>> High Plains Thumper espoused:
>>>> Homer wrote:
>>>>> Mark Kent spake thusly:
>>>>>> McDonalds even add sugar to their salads.  They do not sell healthy
>>>>>> food in their cafés.
>>>>> It boggles the mind that anyone could seriously argue that the
>>>>> fat-ass American staple diet of "burgers 'n fries" is actually
>>>>> "healthy" or in any way "good". It's junk, it's never been anything
>>>>> but junk, and it's only suitable as an occasional snack for children,
>>>>> which is just about the kind of mentality one would need to want to
>>>>> eat the same tasteless and unimaginative junk, meal after meal, day
>>>>> after day, for years at a time, like most adult Americans (and
>>>>> children elsewhere) seem to do.
>>>> However, Fish 'n Chips, now there's a meal!   :-)
>>> Fish and chips has a relatively low fat content, with a high fibre,
>>> protein and energy content, too, as well as being fairly inexpensive.
>>> Fish is, in general, far less fatty than meat, and much much less fatty
>>> than red meat (like beef).  Here's a quote:
>>> Fish and chips have a third less calories than the other popular
>>> takeaways, and represents just 30% of a female's recommended calorie
>>> intake and 23% of a male's. It also has a massive 42% less fat than a
>>> doner kebab and a third less than a Whopper Meal from Burger King.
>>> http://www.seafish.org/plate/facts.asp?p=gi224
>>> The biggest problem with fish and chips is the overfishing of the North
>>> Sea and Atlantic cod and haddock stocks.  It's also worth noting that
>>> most people in the UK would consume Fish and Chips once/week at most,
>>> traditionally on Friday.
>> Here's an explanation of how political corruption and the sugar industry
>> are responsible for huge deception that harms the public... regarding
>> diet.
>> http://lessig.org/blog/2008/07/netroots_nation_keynote.html
>> Eye opening, no doubt.
> I tried to open that site but their server is not responding.  Actually, I
> was being facetious.  Unless one lives in the New England states, about
> the only Fish 'n Chips is available from either Captain D's or Long John
> Silver, both fast food restaurants.  The fish is heavily battered and
> deep oil fried, very oily, greasy.

I've not tried to buy Fish and Chips in the US at all.  I've had some in
Canada, which was fine, but I suspect that the closer you get to the
coast, the better it gets.  Are the great lakes fished, would you know?
Perhaps they're too polluted for the risk...

> Japanese food OTOH tends to use little oil and their aftermeal snacks at
> restaurants are cut in smaller portions.  (Perhaps an influence from
> driving on the proper - left side of the road.   :-)

Hehe :-)  I had some excellent food whilst in Japan, although I would
say I managed to find one or two places which weren't so good, too. 

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