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Re: Perhaps it is time to start a moderated group?

William Poaster <wp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> On Sun, 02 Nov 2008 07:08:47 -0700, High Plains Thumper wrote:
>> Moshe Goldfarb. wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Tattoo Vampire on Saturday :
>>>>> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>>>>> Perhaps it is time to start 
>>>>>> comp.os.linux.advocacy.moderated group?  Your thoughts?
>>>>> I think you're right. Assholes like Queeg and Splat make 
>>>>> it miserable for the real users here.
>>>> I'm in favour. Let's do this. :-)
>>> Of course you are in favor of it Spamowitz. Why? Because you 
>>> will be able to SPAM your nonsense without any rebuttal and it
>>> will all show up in Google, which is what your real motive is.
>>> Folks, ya'll have created a monster and I can't believe you 
>>> are this ignorant.
>> Oh yeah:
> WOOOOOOOOOSH! Right over the Flatfish trolls head at 20,000 ft.
> Roy's so called "spam" (which it *isn't*) is posted in here to drown out
> the whinging, moaning, lying trolls. For that *very* reason, they don't
> like it. 
> In a moderated group, we could have proper discussions & debates.
> There wouldn't be any need for Roy to this in there. 
> AFAIC Roy could still post his [News] items in here.

You can't be spamming if you're posting on-topic.

>> http://tinyurl.com/6hecfx
>> Subject: Re: Roy Schestowitz
>> Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 08:37:41 +0100
>> Message-ID: MPG.22710e9e34014f6b9896a3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> [quote]
>>> He has software that takes RSS feeds, sorts them, searches for
>>> certain phrases, makes comments taken from a database and
>>> spits out the stuff to every corner of the Internet.
>> Unlike you - a troll with a chip on your shoulder who manually
>> creates so much shite aka anti-Roy spam that no-one, that's
>> right, NO-ONE wants to read, that you've single-handedly reduced
>> the appeal and effectiveness of a newsgroup.
>> Please, go create another group and move to it. If you really
>> have a voice someone wants to listen to, you'll get them moving
>> over to it.
>> You can get treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder you know!
>> [/quote]
>> Speaking of starting groups, this Moshe troll ought to follow the 
>> poster's advice and find another to rant in.
> Indeed, & he can take his sibling trolls with him to a Windows group.

A moderated group would have major advantages.  Aside from anything
else, it would put a stop to the nym-shifting of our friend Gary
Stewart, as he wouldn't be able to post.

The issue we'd get, though, is that they (the trolls, like Erik, Timmy,
Gary, Bill Weisg. etc.) would choose a new nym, be reasonable for a long
long time, and then would start the same old low-level trolling, indeed,
might well attempt to get the on-topic, pro-charter folk banned.

I don't think it's possible to overestimate how low these people will go
- you only have to look at Erik's attack on Rex as an example of one of
  the most appalling attacks I've ever seen.

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