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Re: Why Software Patents Are Bad and How TiVo Exploits Them

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____/ Phil Da Lick! on Wednesday 29 October 2008 09:24 : \____

> Moshe Goldfarb. wrote:
>> On Tue, 28 Oct 2008 12:52:35 -0500, Sinister Midget wrote:
>>> On 2008-10-28, Phil Da Lick! <phil_the_lick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> claimed:
>>>> Moshe Goldfarb. wrote:
>>>>> OSS and especially Linux users are cheap.
>>>>> Look what happened to Loki when they tried to market Linux games.
>>>>> They went under because the Linux loons didn't want to pay for software.
>>>> Let me get this straight. You *want* to pay for software?
>>> No, Flatso wants to rag on linux users. And that's the totality of
>>> s/h/it's motivation.
>>> S/H/It has no problem stealing software (Windwoes, Mandrake that we
>>> know about - probably a lot more that we don't know about) while
>>> calling others "cheap" for using free software.
>> Linux users *are* known to be cheap.
>> Ask Loki.
>> Read most of Roy's babble about patents etc.
>> He wants it all for nothing but yet he will be the first person to protect
>> his own proprietary information.
>> You wait and see.
> I notice you failed to deny that you steal software.

Because he did. It's documented. He even stole free (libre) software.

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