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Re: Ripping CDs in KDE - Can it Get ANY Easier?

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____/ Peter Köhlmann on Wednesday 29 October 2008 00:42 : \____

> TomB wrote:
>> On 2008-10-29, Roy Schestowitz was urged to write the following:
>>> * Enter CD
>>> * Pop-up menu shows up asking if the user's desire is to play or open the
>>> CD's content in a file manager. Open in file manager.
>>> * Voila! In the background, KDE has fetched the tracks info for the
>>> entire album (over the Web) and within 1 second the tracks appear as
>>> aptly-named files.
>>> *Drag and drop the directory called MP3 (or Ogg) where you want it and
>>> bam! All done.
>>> How is this done in Windows?
>> This is a *great* Konqueror feature. OSX fans should adore it, as it
>> doesn't get any easier than this...

Grip is how I did it 5 years ago.

> Just ask Snot Michael Glasser.
> He will explain why a convoluted mess, consisting of at least half a dozen
> mouse-clicks in seemingly unrelated positions will result in something
> similar, albeit not quite (most of the target formats will be missing).
> And then declare the OSX way superior

A BSD with a nice-looking theme and overpriced hardware. Why not just get a
mid-tier machine and then put Bagjira on KDE? Oh wait! That won't give you
the 'Mac Experience'^TM (aura and stuff).
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