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[News] Google's Linux Platform Got Game, Apps

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Java and Linux on the Android - Almost the Perfect Match?

,----[ Quote ]
| I will be talking more about Android applications, since they ARE written in 
| Java, in my future posts. Besides, since they DO run on a Linux kernel, we 
| just might end up talking about small Linux apps that can run on the phone as 
| well. What do you think?   


Android users favoring apps over games

,----[ Quote ]
| Owners of the Android-powered G1 handset seem more anxious to get things done 
| with it than to play games, according to download statistics from the 
| long-awaited phone's first few days on sale.  


Under the Hood: Android dreams, GooglePhone delivers

,----[ Quote ]
| People are talking about smartphones again: This time it's the T-Mobile G1, a 
| distinctly un-Apple, un-iPhone-like slider. But, is the new "GooglePhone" a 
| true revolution, or creative re-use?  



Is Android Google's Ticket into the Enterprise?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Inc.'s Android project could be the start of a much larger enterprise
| strategy, according to one industry analyst. But before the search engine
| giant can threaten Microsoft's enterprise supremacy, most observers of
| wireless industry efforts agree that the company's open source OS platform
| will need to regain support from its development community.


Google Exec: Android To Beat iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| Rich Miner even went after Apple's handheld darling.  "Once you have devices
| out there from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and so on, there's a much larger
| potential market on Android than for the iPhone," he said.  "[T]here's a
| single manufacturer, it's targeted at a particular demographic, and it falls
| far short of the 1 billion mobile phones sold every year worldwide."    


iPhone vs. Android : An Open Source Devs Perspective

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Andrea Gazzaniga, software development manager at mobile open
| source vendor Funambol the answer is not entirely clear. In a rambling
| overflow presentation at AjaxWorld's iPhone Sumitt, Gazzaniga attempted to
| outline the differences and similiaraties between iPhone and Android.  

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