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[News] Mandriva's Installfest Goes Worldwide, Ohio Linuxfest Report

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Worldwide Mandriva Linux 2009 install fest

,----[ Quote ]
| In order to celebrate Mandriva Linux 2009, to bring Linux to new users and 
| present the new features available in the new release... 


Ohio Linuxfest 2008



Ohio Linux Fest 2008.

,----[ Quote ]
| Somewhere around 1,000 people showed up for Ohio Linux Fest, some driving for
| hours, despite crazy fuel costs and uncertain economic times, to share the
| joy of free software. (And some good drinks at the after-party, I’m sure.) It
| was a great event and I’m happy to have had a chance to meet our new North
| American community superheroes. Thanks to all these guys for putting together
| a fantastic booth, and giving Fedora excellent visibility here. I’m looking
| forward to seeing everyone here again next year!


Fedora at Ohio Linux Fest, Day 0.

,----[ Quote ]
| We took a brief tour of the theater district in Columbus, which is quite
| nice, and I got to my hotel with a couple hours to kill — easy enough, since
| I needed to catch up on my email for the day.


Ohio Linux Fest - October 10th and 11th, 2008: Columbus, Ohio

,----[ Quote ]
| On October 10th and 11th, 2008 the Ohio Linux Fest (OLF) 2008 Ohio Linux Fest
| (OLF) 2008 will occur. This is the sixth edition of this event, held every
| year in Columbus Ohio. I like OLF, because it is not only a community event,
| staged and run by volunteers, but it is also a family event, with people of
| all ages invited and involved.


LUGs Emphasize the "Festive" at Ohio LinuxFest

,----[ Quote ]
| Few will argue that engaged, active outreach isn't a crucial element that
| Linux User Groups (LUGs) and open source projects need to attract new users,
| supporters and contributors. The formula itself is simple. Trying to puzzle
| out what "engaged, active outreach" is in a perfect world, versus what a LUG
| can realistically deliver, is where things can become volatile.

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