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[News] Wives Adopt GNU/Linux

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It’s official - my wife likes Ubuntu, too

,----[ Quote ]
| Guess what she told me this afternoon, though? “I really like Ubuntu…it’s 
| very intuitive and I was able to do everything I needed to do today with no 
| problem. Everything seems to be faster, too. You can leave this one on my 
| computer.” This is high praise indeed from a neo-Luddite who finds nothing 
| intuitive about computers.    


Taking Ubuntu Ibex on vacation

,----[ Quote ]
| My wife and I will use Ubuntu exclusively for e-mail, wireless Internet 
| access, photo editing, and the articles that I will write that week will be 
| authored entirely with the built-in Open Source word processing tools.  



Me and My Wife’s View on Ubuntu 7.10

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is highly regarded as the most human-friendly, idiot-proof, and 
| easy-to-use Linux desktop operating system ever. Its straightforward 
| installation and maintenance, paired with its outstanding reliability and  
| hardware support made it popular among new-to-Linux users as well as experts. 
| But has Ubuntu really succeeded in winning the hearts of mainstream 
| audiences?    
| My only way in finding out is to ask my wife, one of the many typical Linux 
| users. 


Linux Jeolousy: My Wife Switched to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| As the Windows problems continued to occur, Amanda became Jealous of my 
| Operating system. She had to have it.  


Waugh Partners to open up IT industry

,----[ Quote ]
| Australia's open source industry received a boost this week with the
| launch of boutique consulting and research firm Waugh Partners.
| [...]
| Pia and Jeff are certainly two peas in a pod with Pia working part-time
| as research coordinator for Australian Service for Knowledge on Open
| Source Software (ASK-OSS) at Macquarie University, and Jeff a founding
| member of Ubuntu Linux at Canonical.


Converting the Wife to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| So as it stands right now, she's got a fairly standard
| version of Ubuntu installed on her laptop, with a few
| extra goodies and the ability to do pretty much
| everything she did on Windows. The major exception is
| that I haven't taken the time to get Bejewled and
| Trillian set up under Wine yet, so she can't play her
| favorite game, but that shouldn't be a big difficulty.
| She's able to visit all her websites, watch internet
| videos, listen to songs streamed across our network
| with Rhythmbox, and use Gaim to talk with her friends
| until I can get Trillian working. My next thing to try
| is to set up KDE / Kubuntu and let her switch back and
| forth, see which window manager she likes the best.

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