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Re: Just when you thought COLA could not get any nuttier

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____/ Phil Da Lick! on Wednesday 22 October 2008 10:54 : \____

> Tattoo Vampire wrote:
>> Hadron wrote:
>>> Mole1 emailed me with the latest. He is stringing Roy along something
>>> chronic. The latest little gag is to make Roy think that Microsoft are
>>> afraid of him!!!! *LOL*. Honestly, you could not make this up!!!!!!!!
>> So now you've stooped to trolling IRC? You guys are a bunch of pitiful
>> motherfuckers, you know that?
> He didn't explain what this has to do with making cola 'nuttier' either.

I had to check the OP in Google Groups. The Munchkins are quoting stuff out of

For example:

This remark:

"They are a political group not spammers."

This has nothing to do with what the Hadron^H^HMunchkin is quoting. It refers

schestowitz     http://www.truthout.org/about   Oct 21 21:45
twitter         looking         Oct 21 21:45
schestowitz     “We simply focus on getting the news out there, and putting
everything we have on display every single day. A critic once warned, “I
intend to monitor Truthout!” So I recommended that he sign up for our
newsletters. That way, “You’ll be sure to get everything delivered right to
your inbox.”"   Oct 21 21:45
twitter         ha ha   Oct 21 21:45
schestowitz     “If you told me six years ago that we would have a staff of 30 and
almost a quarter of a million readers per day, I would’ve thought you were
nuts. But that’s exactly where we stand today. With financial support coming
only from our readership and a couple of small grants, we are able to employ
all of these dedicated people, maintain multiple servers and produce high
quality services.”      Oct 21 21:46
schestowitz     I try to see if there’s controversy.    Oct 21 21:46

It's about a Web site whose newsletters Microsoft admitted to have intercepted.
No wonder the troll give no link for people to get /context/. They selectively
pick bits to daemonise.

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