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Re: [News] Arduino Board: Hardware Takes Lesson from Free Software

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:58:07 -0500, chrisv wrote:

> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>> chrisv belched:
>>>>> Hadron snotted:
>>>>>>> Linux enabled Google to build dirt-cheap servers;
>>>>>> Don't be ridiculous. It didn't enable any such thing. It saved them a
>>>>>> few quid per machine.
>>> Poor "true Linux advocate" Hadron Quack.  You just can't let a pro-Linux
>>> comment go by without snotting on it, can you?
>>That's his job, that's what he does.
>>You see, he feels that, by snotting all over a decent thread, he can
>>discourage further Linux-positive posts in that thread, since posters
>>with normal human emotions don't generally like to converse with
>>unpleasant, insulting, combative people.  And when they do deign to
>>respond to such provocations, it is often in angry terms that can not
>>only make the average lurker think the Linux supports are just as bad,
>>but can also be included in embarrassing "sigs".
>>On the other hand, by not only acting pleasant towards the TWATs
>>(time-wasting arsehole trolls), but also supporting them and encouraging
>>them with blatant suck-up "me-too" posts, he can help /their/ efforts to
>>discourage on-topic, Linux-positive posting.
>>Not only that, they can collectively fill this newsgroup with
>>back-slapping me-too jeering sewage.
>>And /then/ they get the bonus of being able to deride this newsgroup
>>for containing the very sewage they contributed and incited.
> Indeed.  Just by diverting the discussion into a flame-fest, instead
> of advocacy, they win.

Not unusual for Hadron Quack:

You have a habit of turning nearly every thread you participate in into a
flame war or just a general moan. You continually pull people into threads
by name and mentioning COLA at every opportunity.
From:   Trevor Best <newsreply@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Message-ID:   <20071217200201.102318a7@voyager>
Newsgroups:   alt.os.linux.ubuntu

Did you know?
Hadron Quack & his wife divorced over religious differences. 
He thought he was God, but she didn't.

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