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Re: [News] Arduino Board: Hardware Takes Lesson from Free Software

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____/ Homer on Thursday 23 October 2008 03:15 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that SomeBloke spake thusly:
>> On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 14:40:05 +0200, Hadron wrote:
> [snip his usual rant against anything virtuous]
>> Yea verily, the Oracle hast articulated and mere mortals gasp at the
>> sheer audacity of his pronouncements.
> Yes his message is loud and clear: Greed and exploitation good,
> subsistence and Freedom bad. This is what happens in the Real World®,
> and the Real World® way is the "right" way, and should therefore never
> be challenged.
> He's not only an idiot and a pathological naysayer, but a sick;
> perverted; morally depraved; evil bastard, and damned proud of it too.
> He should form a coven with his soul mates DooFuS; flatty; Dopez-0.99;
> "shitstick" Nudds and the various other slithering monsters of the night
> who infest COLA, so they can boil live babies in a cauldron, and sit
> around the fire singing joyfully about the suffering their kind inflicts
> on humanity, whilst they cannibalise their own young.
> Well it happens in Real Life®, so it has to be "OK". In fact if you're
> Hardon Quirk, it's not only OK to be so morally depraved, it's actually
> the whole purpose of life.

These are code words for peer pressure, intended to push oneself into moral
bankruptcy ("Real Life").

- -- 
                ~~ Best of wishes

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