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[News] Anti-ODF Former IDC 'Analyst' Smears Linux with Lies

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Want to Laugh? Another Tall Tale About Where Linux Came From.

,----[ Quote ]
|     Linux was created by IBM, HP (HPQ) and other former IT systems 
|     monopolists that realized that Microsoft was taking their systems 
|     monopoly away from them. IBM, HP, Digital Equipment (now part of HP), 
|     etc. had banded together for this purpose in the early 1980s while Linus 
|     Torvalds, the nominal creator of Linux and who now works for one of the 
|     groups IBM, HP, etc. put together for its trust-like purposes, was still 
|     in short pants. Ten years later, the consortium chose a small piece of 
|     software code, "forked" by Linus from some other code while he was in 
|     college, to complement the still ongoing technical development effort by 
|     IBM, HP, etc. to come up with "one Unix." What is today called Linux is 
|     the result of that one-Unix effort.           
| Isn't that hilarious? To be fair, those Wall Street dudes are likely under a 
| lot of stress nowadays. If he needs a job, maybe he should write a column 
| with "Paul Murphy", who also comes up with his own histories on the birth of 
| Linux. I see a match. Or he could write for ADTI, methinks. They tried to 
| allege that Linus forked Minix, but it's a lie. Anyway, Linus already 
| confessed. The father of Linux is the Tooth Fairy.     



Interview with Dr Andrew S Tanenbaum

,----[ Quote ]
| Andrew S Tanenbaum: A couple of years ago this guy called Ken Brown
| wrote a book saying that Linus stole Linux from me, from Minix,
| and therefore the intellectual property rights are unclear and
| therefore companies shouldn't use Linux because I might sue them.
| It later came out that Microsoft had paid him to do this --
| and I defended Linus. I wrote on my Web site saying that this
| guy Brown came through, visited me and I gave him the
| [correct] story.

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