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[News] [Vi]sta [Vi]ctim CompUSA Can Turn to GNU/Linux

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Is CompUSA.com poised to become the Crazy Eddie of Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| With its rock-bottom prices, CompUSA could be positioned to be the king of 
| cheap Linux-based PC sales, if they take this to the next level, which would 
| be to preload the OS on its bargain PC refurbs and get some value-added 
| SystemMAX OEM whiteboxes out there with Linux pre-installed. 
| CompUSA.com-branded $400 or less Quad Core PCs sans-monitor with 4GB RAM and 
| 500GB hard disks running on Ubuntu? I can see it.     



Interesting comment from CompUSA

,----[ Quote ]
| Every single one of them he said was returned from consumers... and that they 
| (CompUSA) couldn't ship them back. As he heard, Microsoft wasn't giving 
| credit back for unsold or returned copies... and didn't want the returned 
| figures made public... He wouldn't say that every single one of them 
| exchanged for a copy of Xp, he didn't know if that was true. So, I asked how 
| many boxes did they have. Same glare, followed with a "You do not want to 
| know" type statement.      



CompUSA to close all of its 103 stores

,----[ Quote ]
| The consumer electronics store will run store-closing sales during the 
| holidays to get rid of inventory. 


Currys group blames Vista for poor sales

,----[ Quote ]
| DSG, the group behind Currys and PC World, has warned that poor sales of 
| Vista could slash its profits by around £20 million. 


DSG continues retailer woes

,----[ Quote ]
| DSG, the company formerly known as Dixons, became the latest British retailer 
| to report a drop in profits for the summer months today. But it wasn’t all 
| down to the rotten weather – this time it was also Microsoft’s fault.  


Dell casts doubts on Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell today revealed that it will restore the option to use Windows XP on
| some of its home systems, marking a potentially damaging blow to
| Microsoft's hopes for the newer Windows Vista.
| [...]
| While a popular request through the company's IdeaStorm website, the
| choice was substantially outnumbered by requests for pre-installed
| Linux, US-based technical support, and other features -- pointing to a 
| larger general demand for the change. The turnaround may be a reflection of 
| an overall backlash against Vista, observed IDC analyst Richard Shim.


Lenovo offers downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP

,----[ Quote ]
| My colleague Stian just sent me this interesting link regarding my 
| experiences with Windows Vista. Since I assume the link will NOT have the 
| visual appearence it has right now for very many more hours (days) I've 
| created a screenshot of how it looked when I went into the site.   


Windows Vista kicked out of Olympics PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's latest version of Windows is too risky to implement for the 
| important computers managing the 2008 Olympic summer games in Beijing, said 
| the event's computer supplier and sponsor Lenovo.  


Acer: PC industry 'disappointed' with Vista

,----[ Quote
| Acer president Gianfranco Lanci became the first major PC manufacturer to 
| openly attack Microsoft over the Windows Vista operating system in the 
| Financial Times Deutschland on Monday.  
| Lanci said the operating system was riddled with problems and gave users and 
| businesses no reason to buy a new PC, according to the report. Taiwan-based 
| Acer is the world's fourth-largest PC manufacturer, after HP, Dell and 
| Lenovo. 
| "The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista," Lanci said. 


Quick First Review of the Dell Ubuntu Notebook Computer Inspiron E1505N

,----[ Quote ]
| In summary, I have been pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness 
| of this machine and the ease of set-up, enabling to me to use 
| it in a productive fashion right away. I will expand on this initial review 
| shortly.


I got my Ubuntu pre-installed Dell E520N today!!

,----[ Quote ]
| The bottom line so far is that I'm very pleased with the value I g
| ot with this machine. My first evening of use has been very 
| satisfying. With the dual core processor and gig of RAM it's 
| very, very smooth and quick. Note that I purposefully didn't 
| do anything that required the command line. It's been a good experience. 


Ubuntu Linux on my Dell XPS M1210

,----[ Quote ]
| What I love most about Ubuntu on Dell is the lack of crappy 
| 3rd party software that is typically shipped with their 
| computers. When I bought Dell's in the past I'd basically
| strip the entire hard drive and do a fresh Windows install
| so I wouldn't have all those extra programs on my computer 
| which I'd never use. To tell you the truth Ubuntu already 
| comes with too much stuff for my tastes but it's really 
| easy to uninstall unwanted applications in this OS.
| Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it's likely available via 
| open-source.


Review of Dell XPS 410n with Ubuntu Feisty preinstalled

,----[ Quote ]
| I received my XPS with Ubuntu today. The first thing I will say is 
| that when the Fedex guy delivered it he asked if Dell was having some 
| kind of liquidation sale because he has delivered more Dells today 
| than ever before. He told me that he had already delivered five and 
| there were eleven more on the truck. (Just throwing that out there.)
| [...]
| I think Dell has done a good thing with this system. They obviously
| made an effort with resolution detection (which was going to be sore 
| no matter what) and did an excellent job of keeping those crapware
| leeches off the system. 


Inconvenient truths: PC vs. Mac, Windows vs. Linux, us vs. them, et al.

,----[ Quote ]
| The only "modern" PC I have access to is my Dell 3 GHz Pentium 4 with 
| 512 MB RAM, and I'm not at liberty to install anything huge (read: a 
| Linux distro) to the hard drive.
| I suspect that on a newish PC, the big Linux distributions run like 
| so much buttah and that any speed advantages that an old version of 
| Windows offers is far outshined by the added security, equality and
| fraternity of free Linux.
| It's always better to have new, maxed-out hardware -- a luxury I've 
| never had (besides that, I'm too cheap). And it's mandatory to try 
| before you buy. With Linux, it's easy. Once you have a broadband 
| Internet connection and a CD (or preferably DVD) burner and have 
| learned how to turn an ISO into a bootable disc, you have the keys 
| to quite a kingdom.


Can Dell Deliver Ubuntu Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| The purchase process went well. Point, configure, click, purchase. At the 
| time, Dell said the system would ship to The VAR Guy by June 12.  Any 
| chance of an early shipment? Apparently not.


No Starch Refreshes Ubuntu for Non-Geeks

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that Dell is offering systems with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, 
| maybe it's time to get up to speed on running Linux on your desktop?


First look at Dell's Ubuntu boxes

,----[ Quote ]
| One cool feature is the recovery mode, which understandably pulls 
| from a full Ubuntu image stored on a FAT32 partition. Nice touch, 
| and congruent with other recovery systems from Dell.


Dumping Windows for Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| First, The VAR Guy's home PC (a Sony system running Windows XP) was
| running out of steam. Combating spyware and viruses with dozens of
| patches and bug fixes has become an endless, exhausting battle.


Dell's next step - SUSE Linux desktops?

,----[ Quote ]
| There are a couple of good reasons to draw this 
| conclusion. One, if Dell wants to cosy up to a Linux 
| reseller and not put its relationship with Microsoft 
| under strain, then that reseller has to be Novell.
| [...]
| Second, Dell would much prefer to deal with a US 
| company rather than an outsider - and, no matter 
| what Mark Shuttleworth's standing is in the tech 
| community, he is an outsider in the US, certainly 
| not one of the "boys."


Dell Offers Ubuntu, What About OpenOffice?

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the IdeaStorm website, pre-installed OpenOffice is 
| "Under Consideration," which appears to be just below "Coming 
| Soon" in their hierarchy of possible implementation. Let's
| hope it moves to "Already Offered" soon!


OpenOffice.org Issues an Invitation to Dell Computer Corporation

,----[ Overview ]
| OpenOffice.org urges Dell's CEO to respond to customer demand and
| bundle OpenOffice.org's free software alternative to Microsoft
| Office with Dell's computers

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