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[News] Sample of Free GNU/Linux Gaming Options

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Linux games - First Person Shooters - Part Deux

,----[ Quote ]
| In the last article, we have reviewed three excellent First Person Shooters 
| (FPS) - OpenArena, Sauerbraten and Nexuiz - which offer you a good mix of 
| solid graphics, fast-paced action and cross-platform compatibility, while 
| being simple to use and configure, free, stable, and low on hardware demands. 
| OpenArena and Sauerbraten allow you to test your fingertip skills against a 
| range of monsters in both the single and multiplayer mode, whereas Nexuiz is 
| geared toward online, multiplayer gaming only. Regardless which one you 
| choose, you are in for some great fun, killing nefarious fiends from another 
| dimension.        



Frag 'em in your own backyard with Sauerbraten

,----[ Quote ]
| Sauerbraten is a fully loaded first-person shooter. It has single-player
| modes with interesting motion delay, several multiplayer gaming modes, and
| enough maps to keep you involved for as long as you wish to play. You can
| host your own Sauerbraten server on your LAN or join one of the dozens of
| online servers.
| But if you have to point to the one thing that separates Saurberaten from the
| rest, it has to be its in-game 3-D map editor. You can also take your
| map-building expertise online, and work with map editors from around the
| world in an online collaborative environment.


Gaming on Ubuntu (Linux)

,----[ Quote ]
| There is also always the opportunity to run a virtual machine to run your
| windows programs (that will be the topic of my next post). So, next time
| someone says to you that they don’t want to switch to Linux because they
| won’t be able to play games, you might want to correct them.


Open Source Shoot-Em-Up

,----[ Quote ]
| But lately, I’m also starting to see the appeal of doing without a hyped-up
| platform like Unreal Tournament 2004 or Battlefield 1942. Fracturing the mod
| community has sparked creativity, particularly when it comes to open-source
| games based on free engines. A lot of out-there projects are getting major
| traction with gamers—big attention that wouldn’t happen if everyone was still
| fixated on grinding out Onslaught maps or tweaking Desert Combat.


Linux-based device gains accelerometer-based games

,----[ Quote ]
| Chumby Industries announced a partnership with Albino Blacksheep to provide
| Flash-based games for the Linux-based Chumby "alarm-clock" computer,
| leveraging its motion-sensing capabilities. Meanwhile, Chumby's development
| site is growing, providing a forum, wikis, and other information for hacking
| the Chumby's open-source hardware and software.



Valve questions Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming

,----[ Quote ]
| Half-Life 2 developer Valve thinks that Microsoft's current
| "Games for Windows" marketing push is a cynical ploy to sell
| more copies of Windows Vista, rather than a genuine effort to
| invigorate the PC gaming market.

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