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Re: Ogg Makes Significant Gains, Embedded in Firefox Now

Verily I say unto thee, that The Ghost In The Machine spake thusly:
> On Oct 17, 8:30 am, "Moshe Goldfarb." <brick.n.st...@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:

> http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/PortablePlayers
> is a list of Xiph-aware players; these apparently support both Ogg
> and Vorbis. I count over 100, though that may indeed by extremely
> miniscule compared to the total market.

One's enough.

How many DAPs does one need, anyway?

>> Most people care abut playing music, not about fighting some
>> religious freedom war.

Software patents are about politics and law, not religion, despite your
usual hyperbole, flatty.

> Absolutely correct.  A free format is useless if it doesn't support 
> the people (and that *includes* major music moguls, who want to
> protect their copyright investment using DRM or other such methods).

Vorbis serves the needs of the people just fine, thanks. Buy a Vorbis
capable DAP; buy your CDs at Amazon; rip and enjoy.



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|  the most practical one. That point of view lasted for maybe two
|  weeks after initial exposure to Lisp."   ~ Constantine Vetoshev

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