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Re: Maybe it is time for a rethink in the IT industry.

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____/ Ian Hilliard on Sunday 26 April 2009 15:34 : \____

> The latest profit figures have been interesting. While the profits in
> the industry are down in general, Apple has done less poorly than others
> in the industry. There are some lessons to be taken from these figures.
> <quote>
> At the end of the day, despite the rampant fanaticism on both sides,
> computer companies are just businesses, whose primary reason to exist is
> to make money, and in terms of industry reputation, Apple has become the
> king at making money. That crown once belonged to Microsoft, and I
> suspect that loss of status infuriates them more than anything.
> Microsoft may still turn larger profits over all than Apple but
> Microsoft is a much larger company. If you compare earnings per share,
> Microsoft delivered 39 cents per share, compared to Apple’s $1.33. It’s
> ironic that the one thing that everyone said would be Apple’s downfall,
> not licensing it’s operating system, has perhaps become the one thing
> that every other manufacturer now envies. While other companies are
> dependant on Microsoft for direction, Apple can steer their own course,
> react far quicker to market fluctuations, and more importantly make a
> lot of money, when all around companies are struggling.
> </quote>
> Maybe it is time for the major hardware manufacturers to look at
> producing their own Linux distributions to give themselves a marketing
> advantage. The alternative appears to be to follow Microsoft into the
> doldrums.

Microsoft is paying them not to walk away (i.e. kickbacks not to support
Linux), according to a German Web site.

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