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Re: [News] Interview with Torvalds About Linux

Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
After takin' a swig o' grog, GreyCloud belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

Say Chris, have you ever had any luck using xmkmf and then make on third party software source? I've tried to get a very simple program to compile thru make after xmkmf on three different oses. Each stopped at MSimpleProgramTarget(progname) complaining about missing separator. This is inside the Makefile and the Imakefile has it there as well. The references on line say that a missing tab character is the fault... but if I tab the line at fault, a new error comes up on that
same line.  This does it in os x, Solaris and Linux.

Never tried that setup, and though its a "virtual" package in Debian, I
can't find that executable, and it seems to be pretty old (1998).

What are you trying to build?

I decided to purchase the book on CDE/Motif by Antonio N. Mione that came with a disk. Their instructions say to use xmkmf then imake then make. But xmkmf runs imake automatically now. I checked the Imake.rules for OS X and Solaris and found that there isn't MSimpleProgramTarget(), but does show SimpleProgramTarget(). So I used that and make still fails. All it did was put the program name on its own line and that isn't kosher with make. So I'm beginning to wonder if the changes that were made are consistent across the board when using Motif libs. There are other items as well in the old Imakefiles that now cough up errors. I may have to write to OpenMotif org and find out what gives. However, I can just do cc -o progname progname.c -lXt -lXm -lX11 and get the program built. However, only solaris built ones work while the os x and linux ones produce a core file. It looks like I'll have to lay the blame on OpenMotif org on providing bum builds of their libraries. The sun libs were already provided. Which leads to the question does one have to have the CDE window manager running to prevent
core files from being generated?

"It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument."
William G. McAdoo.
American Government official (1863-1941).

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