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Re: [News] Value of Microsoft Skills Takes a Deep Dive

Micoshaft Appil asstroturfing fraudster pounding the sock Fox in the COLA
Hen House wrote on behalf of Half Wits from Micoshaft Appil Department of

> DFS wrote:
>> 7 wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> Study: IT skills pay drops slightly overall in Q1
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>> Prosoft Master CIW Administrator pay dropped the most of all
>>>>> certified skills in the first quarter, falling 25%, as did
>>>>> Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer+Internet. Microsoft Certified
>>>>> IT professional (-20%), Novell/Certified Internet Professional
>>>>> (-20%) and Novell Certified Instructor (-16.7%) rounded out the top
>>>>> five highest drops.
>>>> `----
>>>> http://www.computerworld.com/action
>>> Most of the high paid jobs seems to be with Linux and Linux +
>>> micoshaft.
>> So when are you going to get a Linux job, instead of spending your entire
>> life making a living with Microsoft and Windows?
>>> Windummyism and limited Micoshaft alone experience
>>> is a major handicapp to career.
>> More babbling from your limitless fount of idiocy.
> Hear! Hear! 7-Nut, as usual doesn't know what it is talking about. I
> have made a pretty good living with MS,  and it has not limited my
> career.  I am making some serious $(s) using MS technology such as .NET
> programming, exclusively.

You realize you are as pathetic as they come.
You need to be trolling the WINDUMMY newsgroups for one thing
if you are making so much money as you claim.
So I doubt you earn anywhere as much a real windummy earns.
And, I can bet you, your linux equivalent earns more.
As you are reduced to topping your income with asstroturfing
I doubt you know what a real job is either.

In any case, I would never employ a windummy like you.
You are too pathetic, and fraudulent. There is no benefit
for anyone to be associating with asstroturfers like you.
Micoshaft products don't make sense for a business
any more. Linux is more important and having Linux
experience is a bonus to hiring than hiring plain
old windummies limited to micoshaft crapola experiences.
Hiring micoshaft only experienced windummies is a threat
to business productivity and I have seen first hand.
So I would definitely recommend hiring engineers with Linux
experience over and above windummy experience.

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