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Re: Snit misleads DaemonFC on Youtube

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____/ ml2mst on Monday 13 April 2009 01:15 : \____

> A BoycottNovell user called DaemonFC, recently posted a review on
> Youtube and was attacked by Microsoft shills.
> As a reaction he posted another video, explaining what happened.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTJcHHqfLeQ
> Now Snit posted this misleading respond:
> [quote]
> If you check out the Usenet groups comp.sys.mac.advocacy and
> comp.os.linux.advocacy you will see people showing off all sorts of
> bizarre behavior.
> People in COLA lash out against me simply because I talk about how Linux
> is uniquely positioned to offer better GUI choices than other OSs. Some
> have tracked me down to my job and threatening to contact my boss with
> their BS and similar insanity.
> The idea that you would have similarly "odd" folks respond to you is not
> a surprise.
> [/quote]
> What a dishonest swine!
> I hope DaemonFC will not fall for it.

Snit is shit with part of the "h" growing shorter.

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