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[News] List of Fedora 11 Goodies

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Whats New in Fedora 11

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 11 has been released for the Beta testers on 31st March 2009 a week 
| later than the scheduled date. This is the first and only Beta version of the 
| Fedora 11 project codenamed “Leonidas“.  
| Fedora 11 final release, which is scheduled on 26th May, will include several 
| new features and noteworthy improvements, such as RPM 4.7, which will reduce 
| the memory consumption of complex package activity, tighter integration of 
| PackageKit, faster boot time with a target goal of 20 seconds, and reduced 
| power consumption thanks to a major tuning effort.    



First look: Fedora 11 beta shows promise

,----[ Quote ]
| All things considered, Fedora 11 progress looks good and the release is
| shaping up nicely. The developers are already looking to the future and have
| begun the process of drafting a schedule for Fedora 12, which could
| potentially arrive in October.


Video: Spotlight on My Fedora

,----[ Quote ]
| John “J5" Palmieri explains how the Fedora community–codename MyFedora–is
| bringing Fedora users together by integrating self-contained applications
| into a single framework application. This interface enables Fedora users to
| see and keep track of what applications other community members are working
| with.


Fedora 11 boasts 20-second startup

,----[ Quote ]
| The Fedora Project has released a beta version of its community-sponsored,
| Red Hat-based Linux distribution, with the final due in May. The Fedora 11
| beta release offers faster, 20-second bootups, improved package management,
| new virtualization features, and support for cross-compiling Windows
| applications, says the open-source project.


Fedora 11 beta posted with new security, developer features

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora project developers also have added security for virtualized containers
| running on the OS by extending Fedora's security model, SELinux, Frields
| said. A new extension called Svirt provides access control for virtual
| guests, locking what processes the guests have access to, he said.


Fedora 11 Beta Screenshot Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| Leaving technicalities aside, you should find out that Fedora 11 Beta has a
| brand new wallpaper featuring the famous Greek Acropolis, to be in tone with
| Fedora 11's codename, Leonidas. Moreover, a Clearlooks-based theme is in
| testings (see the first screenshot below). Without futher ado, we will let
| you enjoy the screenshot tour of Fedora 11 Beta.


Testing the Fedora 11 Installation Guide

,----[ Quote ]
| Every release, the dedicated volunteers in the Documentation team produce the
| Fedora Installation Guide, an exhaustive and detailed guide to installing
| Fedora. For Fedora 11, they have asked us in the QA team to
| co-ordinate ‘testing’ of the Installation Guide. By doing installations
| following the instructions in the Installation Guide, we can find issues in
| both the Guide and the installation process itself, and thus improve both.


Fedora 11 coming closer


What’s Coming In Fedora 11?

,----[ Quote ]
| Due to all the attention that is put on Ubuntu releases, it is often easy to
| miss what is going on in another distribution, such as Fedora. Fedora, too,
| though has some interesting features coming in Fedora 11, which should be out
| in May.
| 20 Second Boot Times It seems that everyone is suddenly realizing that their
| boot times are too slow.

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