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Re: [News] Another Example of Ignorant Journalists Covering Linux

DFS <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Terry Porter wrote:
>> I'll automatically download and install Open Office, as a normal user
>> as my example:-
>> "sudo apt-get install openoffice"
> What are the commands for the 8 other package mgmt systems?

4, only 2 of which are considered "mainstream".
rpm and apt-get
the other 2 are portage (the system used by freebsd, and perhaps a few linux
distros) and the one used by gentoo. Emerge.
Any other "package management systems" people in off the wall distros have
come up with are irrelevant. And will remain irrelevant until the
distribution becomes popular, which obviously at this point in time, it

You just love lying, don't you, oh fuckwitted one.

> And what about BioShock or Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Visio?  What are the 
> commands to automatically install those excellent programs, which are among 
> if not the best of their kind?

Perhaps once those programs are released FOR linux, some distributions may
include them in their update repositories.

Why not ask why manic miner for the commodore 64 doesn't run natively on
windows? It's software, so obviously windows should be able to run it.
(stupid argument, to counter doofy's utterly stupid argument)

>> There, that's it, Open office has been downloaded and installed and
>> added to the menu, all done and finished.
> Very efficient and easy... but how did you know to type 'openoffice'?

If you didn't know what it was called you would just use the GUI, but he
only used the CLI variant because describing mouse clicks is too long

But ok, start up the package manager, click search, type in office and lo
and behold, a plethora of office software appears. Scroll down, click on
things that look interesting and ooo look, a nice little description,
interested in trying it, click select. 

Simple, so simple even YOU could operate it.

>> Perhaps you could demonstrate for the rest of us how you do the same
>> thing in Windows now that it has automatic downloading of third party
>> apps as you claim above, from that central store ?
> Zeke didn't claim all 3rd party apps.

In the original claim, he didn't list ANY third party apps.
He only threw in flash once he'd been called on redefining kernel level
device drivers as "applications".

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