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Re: Overcoming Mobile Fragmentation: Applications for Multiple OSs

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____/ Matt on Wednesday 25 February 2009 19:19 : \____

> http://research.bizreport.com/detail/RES/1223051748_99.html
>> Overcoming Mobile Fragmentation: Building Applications for Multiple
>> Operating Systems sponsored by Recursion Software, Inc.
>> There is a mobile war brewing among industry heavyweights that is pitting
>> Android (Google), against Windows (Microsoft), Symbian (Nokia) against
>> iPhone (Apple). While on the surface this stiff competition appears to
>> benefit consumers, for developers it's a growing nightmare to build
>> applications that run on these different operating systems and try to
>> maintain some degree of compatibility and interoperability. The problem
>> intensifies when you consider applications should ideally span not only
>> phones, but MIDs, UMPCs, cars (telematics) and other embedded and wearable
>> computing devices. Pervasive is the new Mobile. A single platform that spans
>> all "Screens of Life" would truly be something to behold. This paper
>> discusses some of the challenges and trade-offs developers must make and
>> highlights one solution to overcoming them.
>> Posted:       03 Oct 2008
>> Published:   03 Oct 2008
>> Format:      PDF
>> Length:      10   Page(s)
>> Type:        White Paper
>> Language:    English
> You have to register to download it (free).

This PR[opaganda] piece was written at the behest of a company that exaggerates
the problem in order to profit from its own solution (see < recursionsw.com
>). So how valid is this 'study'?

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