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[News] Red Hat Publicly Slams Software Patents

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Red Hat VP explains software patent threat at Linux Expo

,----[ Quote ]
| Rob Tiller, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Red Hat, 
| explained the need for patent reform and discussed the implications of the 
| recent Bilski decision during a presentation on Saturday at the Southern 
| Cailfornia Linux Expo (SCALE).   
| The patent system, which was originally conceived as an instrument for 
| promoting progress by encouraging disclosure of inventions, is poorly suited 
| to accommodate the complexities of modern innovation. The Patent Office isn't 
| equipped to process the rapidly growing volume of technical patent filings 
| and the boundaries of patentability aren't drawn clearly enough to block 
| excessively broad patents.     



The Software Freedom Law Show

,----[ Quote ]
| Richard Fontana, Open Source Licensing and Patent Counsel from Red Hat, joins
| us for an in-depth interview.



Red Hat's new chief: A pragmatic believer?

,----[ Quote ]
| Does the patent settlement you announced recently [with FireStar Software]
| that is consistent with the GPL mean that you are in a better position to be
| able to settle your patent dispute with Microsoft?
| [Jim Whitehurst:] The problem is that we don't know what the Microsoft
| [patent threat] is. They have said in the past that 235 patents [are
| infringed by Linux] and we have yet to see what any of them are.
| Conceptually, it should be possible but, again, we don't know what we are
| talking about there.
| When was the last time you spoke to Microsoft regarding patents?
| [Jim Whitehurst:] I am sure, as a company, we have an ongoing dialogue on a
| lot of things. I have had dialogue at a senior level, but it has been more on
| how we can work better on interoperability for customers; I haven't had any
| direct conversations around the patent issue.


Red Hat settles 2 patent lawsuits filed against it

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat, the world's biggest seller of Linux software, said it has settled
| patent claims by Firestar Software Inc, filed in 2006, and DataTern Inc,
| filed this year.
| Financial terms of the settlements were not disclosed.
| Red Hat Vice President Rob Tiller said the company is still defending itself
| against a third patent complaint filed in October 2007 by IP Innovation LLC
| and Technology Licensing Corp.

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