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[News] GNU/Linux a Success at Schools as Shared Terminals

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Linux, nComputing, And Overheated Classrooms

,----[ Quote ]
| How did the students and teachers adapt to using Linux? "The students adapted 
| very quickly," Scott told me. There were some comments here and there about 
| OpenOffice as opposed to Microsoft Office, most of them in the vein of OO.'s 
| Impress not being up to par with PowerPoint (I ditched PP for Impress a while 
| back), but for the most part people adapted quite well. Teachers even went so 
| far as to burn copies of OO.o for the students to use at home, so they 
| wouldn't have file-format conversion issues when going from Word to OO.o and 
| back again. Another major boon to the teachers came by way of Moodle, an open 
| source package for courses and test automation.        



Macedonia and Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Two years later, in 2007, Macedonia became one of the few countries to roll
| out, en masse, Ubuntu throughout the educational system.


"Vecher": Niko Computers asks for damages from Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The domestic ICT sector lost its competitiveness on local tenders since
| Microsoft Macedonia allowed a foreign company to provide software for the
| Telecom from abroad, Niko Computers reacts.  
| Microsot Macedonia must compensate the Macedonian computer dealers for
| failing to protect them from Microsoft’s software bought from abroad, and for
| denouncing the domestic computer firms if the preinstalled software that they
| are selling with the computers is not bought from the office of this
| corporate giant in Macedonia. This is why dozens of computer dealers are now
| disadvantaged or suffering financial losses when bidding for tenders in our
| country.      



The Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Macedonia uses Debian GNU Linux in
its servers

,----[ Quote ]
| Miroslav Jovanovic, former head of Macedonian Ministry of Finance IT
| department, gave an overview of the Open Source utilisation at desktops and
| servers during a conference organized by the United Nations Development
| Programme at the capital Skopje in 2007.

All Macedonian students to use Linux desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| NComputing announced this week that its multi-user virtual desktop software
| and low-cost virtual PC terminals will be used to equip every school child in
| the Republic of Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, with a Linux desktop.


Dumb terminals provide smart solution

,----[ Quote ]
| Thin client technology is not new - it has been used widely in banking and
| sectors which want to avoid placing sensitive information on individual PCs.
| NComputing has also been deploying its technology in factories where
| operating conditions are not suitable for ordinary PCs.


Macedonia: A New Sun of Linux Freedom Rises

,----[ Quote ]
| The Republic of Macedonia is one of the poorer nations in southeastern Europe
| to come from the break-up of the former Yugoslav republic. But thanks to
| Linux, they do have the wherewithal to get a computer to every student in the
| country, thanks to a program launched in 2005 known as the "Computer for
| Every Child" (CEC) project.


,----[ Quote ]
| A batch of 7,000 PCs with Ubuntu Linux have been sent to Macedonian schools,
| the first of a collection that Ubuntu sponsor Canonical expects will reach
| 20,000.


Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica Migrated to OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| As a result of the training for OpenOffice.org conducted by
| Metamorphosis Foundation and USAID?s project for successful
| decentralization - Make Decentralization Work Project for employees
| of the Macedonia's local self-government units, municipality of
| Makedonska Kamenica started to actively use OpenOffice.org on
| all computers in the municipality.


Macedonia: Employees from 22 Municipalities Trained to Use OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| Representatives of the following municipalities attended the training
| (municipalities with blue colour on the map): Arachinovo, Berovo,
| Bogovinje, Valandovo, Vinica, Dojran, Zhelino, Karbinci, Kratovo, Krushevo,
| Lipkovo, Mavrovo and Rostushe, Makedonska Kamenica, Mogila, Novaci, Novo
| Selo, Plasnica, Saraj, Sopishte, Studenichani, Tearce and Centar Zhupa.


OpenOffice.org Training for Local Self-government Units in Macedonia

,----[ Quote ]
| About 100 employees in 25 Macedonian municipalities will be trained
| during the six day training.


(Macedonia) Announcement: Citizens Have the Right to Choose

,----[ Quote ]
| Considering that the computer literacy trainings for the general
| population announced by the Government of Republic of Macedonia
| are in general a positive move for development of information
| society, the Metamorphosis Foundation and the NGO Free Software
| Macedonia encourage the Government to provide right to choose for
| the citizens, by offering trainings for use of free and open
| source (FOSS) also.
| [...]
| Macedonian citizens continue to show great interest in FOSS use.
| The latest example is the support they collectively provided by
| partially covering the expenses for publishing the CD "Get Your
| Job Done," distributed in 5.000 copies.


Poor nations gain more choices in computing

,----[ Quote ]
| The NComputing system cuts costs tremendously. The cost per child of each
| NComputing system, for seven users, is $70 each, in a system running at just
| 1 watt per user.  

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