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Re: Windows 7 is an accident waiting to happen!

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____/ Terry Porter on Friday 20 February 2009 13:51 : \____

> What a joke Windows 7 is turning out to be. This could be the last OS
> Microsoft ever dare to make ?
> begin{quote}
> With the recent news that Microsoft will not release a second beta but will
> instead move Windows 7 directly into release candidate stage, several
> Windows testers have become a tad bit disgruntled. They claim that due to a
> lack of test builds, they cannot properly test Windows 7 to see if the bugs
> they submitted have been fixed.
> end{quote}
> If you need a 'new look' for that old tired, ancient Windows XP, why not
> just install the Fake Windows 7 theme on it and :-
> 1) save money
> 2) save a painful 'upgrade'
> 3) call it Windows 7 and get on with life ?

Microsoft is bleeding from Vista. With so many vice presidents jumping ship I
can only imagine what it's like for furniture in Redmond right now.

By the way, in case it matters, Vista7 is almost solely developed in India
(Bangalore IIRC, because it's cheaper). It's kind of an XP-Vista hybrid for
all I can tell. So it's like 'upgrading' from XP but not as far as PigVista
(that's too far as an 'upgrade').

Vista7 = {XP} + {Vista coat of paint} - {bloat}.

Hey, why not download a good solid Mandriva? :-D

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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