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[News] Google is Shattering Microsoft; Free Software Essential to Its Success

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Programming news roundup: Google feature may kill apps, Microsoft covers
IronRuby, and more

,----[ Quote ]
| Let’s face it, Google’s influence on the Web is quickly approaching that of 
| Microsoft’s on the desktop. This means that, just as Microsoft can’t make 
| major changes to the Windows API without breaking thousands of apps, when 
| Google makes a major change, it breaks thousands of apps too.   
| From Search Engine Land comes news that Google is toying with a new, 
| AJAX-ified search result system. Good for the user, right? Maybe. But in the 
| process, it changes the format of the referrer header that the destination 
| Web site will be sent. This means that anyone parsing those referrer strings 
| from Google trying to do analysis of their keywords… well, they will need to 
| rewrite their software to parse the new strings. Is it an easy rewrite? Sure, 
| probably one line of code for most applications, and three or so if you want 
| to include the old and the new referrer strings.       


Why open source is good for Google

,----[ Quote ]
| At Google, we love open source for a few reasons. First, it speeds 
| innovation. Open source lowers the barrier to entry for users, website 
| owners, and application developers. It means there can be another Google, or 
| another Yahoo!, started from someone's garage in Auckland or Arhus with very 
| little capital required, because the building blocks for success are freely 
| available.     



Google augments open-source spell-check

,----[ Quote ]
| Google released the resulting dictionary entries under the three open-source
| licenses that Hunspell uses: the GNU General Public License and Lesser
| General Public License and the Mozilla Public License. Google added new words
| for 19 languages into the latest developer preview version of Chrome,

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