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Re: [News] Songbird Does Well on GNU/Linux, New FLOSS Weekly Audiocast

On 2009-02-12, Rockinghorse Winner <rockinghorse@xxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> Following a large swig of Johnny Walker Red, Sinister Midget pounded
> out this gem...
>> On 2009-02-09, Matt <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>> Sinister Midget wrote:
>>>> On 2009-02-08, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>>>> Singing The Praises Of Songbird 1.0
>>>> I tried using Songbird a long time back. It kept crashing on me.
>>>> I'm about ready to try it one more
>>>> time. Hopefully those issues are gone.
>>> I would expect it still has some major improvements yet to come, as it 
>>> is just going to version 1.0.0, and the Windows and Mac versions are 
>>> still kept in the back room.  Songbird doesn't appear when I search for 
>>> it using Synaptic package manager under Ubuntu.
>>> So I would think there are yet to be big increases in numbers of users, 
>>> development effort, and quality.
>> You're right, it's not in repositories yet.
>> I installed 1.0 last night. It's definitely too soon to tell if it's
>> all going to be OK, but I can say I haven't had any problems with it in
>> the 10-15 minutes I played with it. I tried the same things that gave
>> me trouble before and they worked fine this time.
> What are some of the features you liked and didn't like in the 1.0 release?

Let's see. I like the layout. It has a list for the genre, followed by
a list of the artists, and a list of the albums. I'm not in the default
layout any more, and I don't remember if it had songs listed by
default. I don't remember it doing that. It would be nice to have.

I like the feel of it. You can tell it was what it calls "feathers" for
the looks, basically skins. So far I only tried a couple. There don't
appear to be too many to choose from yet.

You can tell it sprang up using Firefox ideas. You can install addons
and schemes in the same fashion. The settings window even looks a lot
like Firefox, so it's already pretty familiar.

One thing I found curious is that you can access the same settings menu
multiple ways. Basically it takes you to a different tab for some
funtions than for others. But it's still the same window. I'm not sure
why they did that.

I'm running a display at 1600x1200. The fonts come up too small in the
player itself. I changed the default font to 20, and it still comes up
too small. After about 16 I didn't see any change when I moved the size
upward via the settings. I can increase it with Ctrl-Shift-+. But I
can't get it to stay where I put it. It's not because of the minimum
font setting either. I moved that some and it didn't change the size at
all. The settings seem to have more effect on the website tabs. But
even those reach a limit where they don't seem to change except with
the hotkeys.

The 1.0 version hasn't crashed on me, so the problems I was having
with earlier versions are gone.

It uses tabs, at least one for content and another when going after
addons. I haven't explored much beyond that. But I'd imagine it uses
separate ones for accessing other online resources as well.

Among the addons are ones for showing album art, showing lyrics, iPod
support, one that gives music recommendations based on what you're
currently playing, one that tracks concerts of bands that will be
travelling into the area of the user, and others.

Overall I like it. I can't say yet that it will become my default or
favorite player. If I could fix the font issue it would certainly stand
an excellent chance of it. It might anyway because I like several
things about it.

A crash reduces
Your crap Windows computer
To a simple stone

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