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Re: Microsoft shares hit an 11-year low

After takin' a swig o' grog, Rex Ballard belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> On Jan 29, 12:56 am, "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Almost impossible.
>> > Abandonware happens a lot in the Windows world as it is.
>> > I can't say I've ever seen a single application get dropped under
>> > Windows that someone else came along later and picked up to continue
>> > development.  Not once.
>> So you can name 5 abandoned Windows commercial apps.
> NetScape
> Borland JBuilder

Not to mention Borland's C/C++ compiler, which they simply made free a few
years ago.

> Spyglass Mosaic
> ButtonWare
> Most share-ware
> Lotus Notes Windows-only version (New version is Eclipse/Java based).
> Lotus SmartSuite
> Corel Draw
> There are also lots of $9 disks that are republications of software
> written by companies that are now defunct or have been demoted from
> Nasdaq to OTC.
> Brief (Text editor for MS-DOS and Windows - killed by notepad)

Nah, Rex, Brief was a programmer's editor.  Notepad could not kill such a

> Softronics SofTerm
> DanCAD
> Draw
> WordPerfect
> Paradox
> In most cases, the companies that do still exist, have skeleton
> support.
> Many are almost on life support.  Others were gobbled up in Mergers.
> Some have turned into consulting companies - to support legacy
> products.
> Corel
> Borland
> Norton
> Lotus
> WordPerfect
> QuarterDeck
> Slackware
> NetScape

Linux, of course, has its own "abandonware".  The Free stuff lives on, but
what about the commercial stuff:


   Kylix development abandoned

Borland again, the poor fsckers.


   Applixware Words

   ... A subset of Applixware modules for Linux was originally developed by
   Applix upon request from Red Hat, who sold the package for $500. This
   price was reduced to $200 in October 1996, and, by 2000, during the
   dotcom bubble, the Applixware Words word processor was available for $50
   in GTK toolkit versions (Applixware 5.0 and Anyware 2.2). These offers
   (and the GTK toolkit) were subsequently abandoned when the dotcom bubble
   burst, and priority was given back to versions aimed at Vistasource's
   core customers in financial, defense and government markets.

Anyway, I guess I do appreciate Rex parrying the trolls.  He's got a lot
more patience than I do in countering their crazed bullshit.

I come from a small town whose population never changed.  Each time a woman
got pregnant, someone left town.
		-- Michael Prichard

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