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Re: Google shows you are probably lying, Roy

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____/ chrisv on Monday 09 February 2009 14:21 : \____

> Don Zeigler wrote:
>> Quack snotted:
>>> And the usual Liarnut "let me blow you" sucking up to "advocate mode" that
>>> makes him such a miserable little slime ball at the best of times.
>>> You need to stop giving the little wimp the benefit of the doubt. He's
>>> trying to slur you here now and he will do it again. He has no morals
>>> and is a mealy mouthed fraud.
>>Do you say crap like that to peoples' faces?
> Sure he does - his own face, as he looks-into a mirror.  That's where
> he comes-up with his best material.
>>I would wager "no". Why? Because
>>you know someone would stomp a mudhole in your little pansy ass.
> Already been done, countless times, I would wager.  How else does one
> grow-up to become USENET's shittiest areshole?

Stop it, chrisv. You're giving him compliments.

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