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Re: Inconsistency in "Linux GUI" debunked

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____/ ml2mst on Wednesday 04 February 2009 08:05 : \____

> RonB wrote:
>> On Wed, 04 Feb 2009 01:08:38 -0600, ml2mst <ml2mst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> My Gnome desktkop running the default filemanager Nautilus:
>>> http://ml2mst.googlepages.com/ubuntu8_12.png
>>> And running Krusader:
>>> http://ml2mst.googlepages.com/gtkstyle.png
>> Yeah, but does Archive Manager have it's Quit button in a slightly
>> different position than Open Office? That's something I just couldn't
>> live with!
> LOL your citing Snit right?

Here is a recent good reference on this subject:

Look at This, Mac Users! User Interfaces on the Linux Desktop Can Have

,----[ Quote ]
| Mac users are very proud of their oh-so-shiny operating system and hardware.
| They have to be. Mac users paid good money for their system, and it would be
| quite a big waste of they weren’t proud of it.
| The more extreme Mac users will go around and talk about how inconsistent
| Linux is and how the entire Linux community doesn’t give a hoot about
| consistency.
| While it is true that not all applications have consistent user interfaces,
| due to different widget tookits, it is possible to achieve basic consistency
| with either one of the below methods:
|    1. Only use applications that use the same widget toolkit as all the other
|       applications on your system.
|    2. Use something like GTK-Qt to achieve consistency with multiple widget
|       toolkits.


Related to this:

It's a UI thing.

,----[ Quote ]
| So here go, with your knowledge of Word for Windows from the last
| 18 years, tell me how to open a document using the mouse. You'll
| most likely answer the open document icon, or File ->Open.
| Congratulations, and you?d be correct.
| Now this is Word 2007. Show me where the File Menu is. Stumped?
| Well it turn's out the Office logo in the corner is the new File
| Menu. Usually the icon in the title bar is the Application menu;
| at least since 1995. Normally you click that and expect to see
| Maximise, Minimise, Resize, etc.


Moving Away From WIMP Interfaces One Step at a Time

,----[ Quote ]
| While GNU/Linux might be considered an alternative operating system,
| its graphical interfaces are not alternative at all. In order to
| reach mainstream acceptance, KDE, GNOME (and XFCE) developers have
| followed the tried and true approach of imitating the interface of
| the dominant operating system(s).


The power of the open source ecosystem

,----[ Quote ]
| What have I learned from my Apple experience? I learned the power
| of integration. It's clear that there is very, very little "code
| duplication" in OS X. For example, the text editor you get in pretty
| much every Apple program (Apple Mail, TextEditor, and pretty much
| everything else with an editor in it) is clearly always the same
| one. This could be considered an implementation detail, but I can
| tell you that users notice it, because everything is so consistent.
| The same thing can be said about applications: there is "one" of
| everything (one addressbook, one program to manage your photos, and
| so on). Linux, on the other hand, is all about choice: there are
| many, many ways to do anything. The divide between KDE and Gnome
| is a prime example. It is true that the open source ecosystem
| tends to ensure that the best supported and most used applications
| tend to emerge. However, in Linux if you want to browse the
| Internet you can pick between Konqueror, Firefox, and so on. To
| write your email, you can use Kmail, Thunderbird, Evolution. All
| of them have their strengths, and ll of them are fantastic.
| [...]
| Having experienced both worlds, I can honestly say that I much
| prefer the open source way. Choice isn't just important: it's
| crucial. Trusting the natural open source ecosystem ensures that
| only the best applications emerge and thrive. However, I also
| believe that giving users a "simplified way" of doing things is
| essential - and that's exactly what (K)Ubuntu is doing.
| It's a longer and bumpier road, but it brings better results -
| and it's a much funner ride.


Bold Redesign Improves Office 2007 But Learning Curve May Be Too Steep for
Some Users

,----[ Quote ]
| "it requires a steep learning curve that many people might rather avoid.
| In my own tests, I was cursing the program for weeks"


Question: why do I need to upgrade to Office 2007?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, however, claims to have come up with something better
| and more intuitive - the Ribbon. Such a claim begs the question:
| "If the new user interface of Office 2007 is so intuitive, why does
| it have a learning curve?" And it does have a learning curve - a
| very steep learning curve.


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                ~~ Best of wishes

"If the operating system is in fact a natural monopoly, then what could be
better than having an operating system that nobody owns?"
                --James Love
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