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Re: Inconsistency in "Linux GUI" debunked

After takin' a swig o' grog, High Plains Thumper belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Hadron wrote:
>> It is truly amazing how you two seem totally unable to grasp
>> the concept of what consistency is and what it means. The rest
>> of the world puts importance on it. You don't even seem able
>> to understand what it IS. It is truly a shame for mankind and
>> Linux that you are able to "advocate" in this way. Your
>> ignorance is palpable.
> This is a continuation of the ad hominem attack, see above.
> Hadron uses a very common trolling technique. Rather than
> participate in
> the discussion, attempts to deflect the issues by flinging
> insulting retorts, such as homophobic name calling and referring
> to a poster's expressions as "whines". In his insulting, extolls
> a competing operating system by calling it a market leader. This
> confirms he is here to troll.
> He misrepresents the truth, showing that he truly is not an
> advocate, referring to Linux as crap. Yet 10 years ago, Linux was
> a complete and suitable desktop product. As you show in the
> following explanations regarding Microsoft concerns expressed
> through the Halloween papers.

I wonder, too, how he deals with the multifarious layouts and user-interface
techniques of all the web sites out there.

The web is a /great/ example of how the inconsistency in UI means very
little, even to the average web-surfing moron.

The issue is simply another tool in Hadron's arse-nal of trolling gimmicks.

First rule of public speaking.
	First, tell 'em what you're goin' to tell 'em;
	then tell 'em;
	then tell 'em what you've tole 'em.

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