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Re: Inconsistency in "Linux GUI" debunked

ml2mst wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> KDE comes with more applications than Windows (maybe OS X 
>> too). This means that integration and consistency out of the
>>  box beat that of Microsoft Windows + necessary third-party 
>> software. Nobody edits text with Notepad.exe, right?
> You bet it does.
> I used KDE as my default desktop environment for over a 
> decade. Since KDE 3.2 I used the *baghira* (MacOS X-ish) as my
> default KDE theme.

I ended KDE use with Novell 10 Open SuSE.  Although not a Gnome
fan, I have gotten to like Ubuntu's Gnome interface.

> Beside that I use Gthumb as my default bitmap viewer/editor 
> for ages, so I installed the "Mac4Linux" gtk theme.
> Now since a couple of months I use Gnome as my default DE, but
>  I still prefer some KDE apps, like Amarok(2) and Krusader. 
> Both have been converted to QT4 recently on Ubuntu (8.10) and,
>  as proved in my screenshots, they look and act like native
> GTK apps, using the gtkstyle theme for KDE4.

I have been using some KDE apps like K3b, loaded the KDE
libraries which allowed use of in Gnome.

> I have no idea if people actually use Notepad.exe.

Notepad is useful for removing e.g., html extensions (font,
style).  Copy text, paste into Notepad, then cut from Notepad and
paste into Word document.  Crude, but easier.  Lotus Smartsuite
97 had a right click menu item allowing for pasting as plain
text.  Office 2003 has an option where there is hover item after
paste, to convert to plain text, but IMHO, it is a PITA, and not
consistent between different apps, i.e. Word vs. PowerPoint.

> In my Windows age I always preferred ED.EXE from the
> WordPerfect Works Suite (DOS Based) as my text editor. I
> always find Notepad.exe somewhat ridiculous.

It is rather limited.  You'd think that over all of the years,
there would have been a better utility provided.  Unix
documentation does not paste well into Notepad, must use Wordpad.

> The trolls however never complain about the inconsistency of 
> Windows apps.

True.  Having used WordPerfect, Claris Works! and Lotus
Smarsuite, I considered these superior to Microsoft Word.

> They probably never used Nero Burning Suite or any anti virus
> suite eh?

Probably.  Or Linux apps.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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