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Re: The Real Gary M Stewart, in Case Someone Wants to Sue Him the Fish

William Poaster wrote:
> Peter Köhlmann was heard to say:
>> Ezekiel wrote:
>>> "Peter Köhlmann" wrote...
>>>> Ezekiel wrote:
>>>> < snip >
>>>>> Roy Schestowitz and his 'anonymous email from a
>>>>> reliable source' bullshite.
>>>>> Let's see some actual *proof* wanker. Not this usual
>>>>> BS that internet scum like you hide behind.
>>>> This is rich, coming from a coward hiding behind an
>>>> anonymous handle
>>> I'm not /hiding/ behind anything. I just don't want some
>>> Linux dirtbag hounding me, my family or my employer. Your
>>> ilk has a history of engaging in this sort of scum
>>> behavior.
>>> Don't let the fact that around half of your fellow
>>> "advocates" use a anonymous handle. And I don't believe
>>> for a second that names like "Willy Poaster" or "Peter
>>> Koelhmann" are real people either. Anyone can make up a
>>> fake name and claim it's real.
> Interesting that the troll didn't include any of his fellow
> trolls, like half-wit Hadron, as examples.

or Gary (flatfish) and nyms
or Snit (Michael Glasser and nyms
or Level3.net troll and nyms
or ad nauseum ....


7.6 Trespasser Disinformation Tactics

   45. Criticize Linux Advocates but ignore anti-Linux
propagandist transgressions.  Always criticize the behavior of
Linux Advocates, but, ignore the same and even worse
transgressions are being committed by your fellow Trespassers.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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