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Re: What does Donald Knuth and Microsoft have in common?

Greg Cox wrote:

> This is why extremist groups frequently adopt this kind of
> strategy.  It allows the leaders to control the members by
> simplifying everything down to us=good and them=bad.  The
> members aren't actually required to think when they have this
> simple outlook.  In fact, everything runs much smoother in the
> group when thinking is completely eliminated.

Sounds like much of the whines from Hadron, DFS, Ezekiel,
flatfish (Gary), and ad nauseum.  Those who advocate Linux are
simply wicked in their limited minds.


Posted by flatfish:

From: George Barca <georgebarca1...@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 11:40:58 -0500
Subject: COLA is full of fanatic Linux Zealots. Look Elsewhere
for Linux Advocacy.

Folks, this isn't a Linux advocacy group, it's a religious cult
of star struck "never have beens" many of which have done nothing
to advocate Linux other than make themselves and sadly the real
Linux advocates by association, foolish.

One point in particular is a good example of how ignorant some of
these people are and that is it's a known fact that the majority,
all in fact, use Windows by day yet they like to denigrate the
Windows users calling them Windummies and other slurs.

So by association, they must be the same and in fact even worse
because they know about an alternative, Linux, yet they still
cling to Windows to earn their living.

In closing, if you really want to see what ultra left wing wackos
exist in the Linux community take a close look at Roy's IRC
channel which if one didn't know would suspect it was being run
out of a mental institution with the patients in charge.

These people are dangerous both to the industry, Linux and in
some cases to themselves. I won't mention names, you can look for
yourself, but some of them are so bitter, so angry and so
obviously disturbed that they really should seek some medical
attention before they go over the edge, snap and harm themselves.

The hate, the arrogance the craziness and the obsession with
anything proprietary on that channel is sick.

Yes, there is an "us" versus "them" and much of the "slash and
burn" has not been created by the advocates.  Rather, their ad
hominem attacks toward advocates have left advocates in a
defensive posture.

If they were eliminated or deceased would make for a better
discussion group.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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