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Re: What does Donald Knuth and Microsoft have in common?

High Plains Thumper wrote:
> Greg Cox wrote:
>> This is why extremist groups frequently adopt this kind of 
>> strategy.  It allows the leaders to control the members by 
>> simplifying everything down to us=good and them=bad.  The 
>> members aren't actually required to think when they have
>> this simple outlook.  In fact, everything runs much smoother
>> in the group when thinking is completely eliminated.
> Sounds like much of the whines from Hadron, DFS, Ezekiel, 
> flatfish (Gary), and ad nauseum.  Those who advocate Linux are
> simply wicked in their limited minds.
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/a629a59a2088782b
> Posted by flatfish:
> [...]
> Subject: COLA is full of fanatic Linux Zealots. Look Elsewhere
> for Linux Advocacy.
> [quote] Folks, this isn't a Linux advocacy group, it's a
> religious cult of star struck "never have beens" many of which
> have done nothing to advocate Linux other than make themselves
> and sadly the real Linux advocates by association, foolish.


> The hate, the arrogance the craziness and the obsession with 
> anything proprietary on that channel is sick. [/quote]
> Yes, there is an "us" versus "them" and much of the "slash and
> burn" has not been created by the advocates.  Rather, their
> ad hominem attacks toward advocates have left advocates in a 
> defensive posture.
> If they were eliminated or deceased would make for a better 
> discussion group.

Oh, and I wanted to add.  Eliminating one other, a nutter by the
name of Michael Glasser AKA Snit, Rhino Plastee, ThunderCleats,
sigmond and other socks would go a long way toward making this a
civilised discussion group (not to mention also

Following is one of many documents on Snit's Linux advocacy lunacy:


Following contains 127 poster quotes documenting the Snit Circus
of Pathological Lies:


Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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