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Re: MS lying again about IE security

Peter Köhlmann wrote:
Sermo Malifer wrote:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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____/ Peter Köhlmann on Friday 30 January 2009 13:35 : \____

Microsofts Security Evangelist Jeff Jones was caught providing
doctored statistics about IE and Firefox, claiming IE was *better*

Here is the breakdown of what really is the issue

Jeff Jones is a dunce <
whose output needs to be embargoed.
He knows he's lying, but he's paid to do that.

His class has the parity of Exxon-funded global warning deniers.
"In contrast, Jones appears to arrive at 285 days of vulnerability for
Firefox by focusing exclusively on flaws that were considered by Mozilla
and other security experts to be far less severe."

I don't see any outright lying here, just a difference of opinion.

The analysis he was answering to (about IE flaws) had only serious security flaws taken into account.

According to each company's definition of what is a serious security flaw on their own software. IOW, a difference of opinion.

He either shares the wintendo users inability to read and understand rather simple things (which is abundantly shown in COLA) or he was quite disengenious, if not to say, outright dishonest

Or he wasn't as generous as Mozilla authors were in rating risks on their own software.

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