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Re: I have looked, and Linux is good now!

nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have experimented with Linux several times in the last 12 years, but
each time (the last was about three years ago) I had hardware issues
that would have made it difficult to switch. But all that changed a
few weeks ago when I tested the Ubuntu 8.10 live CD to see how it was

WOW!! It detected all my hardware, including a new HP 6310 all in one.
So I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu to dual boot with my current
copy of XP. It detected my XP partition and offered to map My
Documents, My Pictures, etc,. to make them readily available. Within
minutes of final installation it offered to enable the Nvidia closed-
source driver and my dual 22" wide screen monitors were being fully
used. I could print and fax using the HP 6310, and the scanner even
worked the first try!

All in all, installing Ubuntu was easier than most XP installations.
It is easy to add more software, and my wife even likes it. In fact,
she has been using it daily and the only complaint she has so far is
that OpenOffice does not have as many fonts available as Word does on
XP, but I am working on that issue.


install 'msttfcorefonts' from synaptic...

Registered Linux user #461062

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