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Re: I have looked, and Linux is good now!

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____/ The Lost Packet on Thursday 29 January 2009 21:37 : \____

> 7 wrote:
>> nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>> <Quote>
>>> I have experimented with Linux several times in the last 12 years, but
>>> each time (the last was about three years ago) I had hardware issues
>>> that would have made it difficult to switch. But all that changed a
>>> few weeks ago when I tested the Ubuntu 8.10 live CD to see how it was
>>> progressing.
>>> WOW!! It detected all my hardware, including a new HP 6310 all in one.
>>> So I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu to dual boot with my current
>>> copy of XP. It detected my XP partition and offered to map My
>>> Documents, My Pictures, etc,. to make them readily available. Within
>>> minutes of final installation it offered to enable the Nvidia closed-
>>> source driver and my dual 22" wide screen monitors were being fully
>>> used. I could print and fax using the HP 6310, and the scanner even
>>> worked the first try!
>>> All in all, installing Ubuntu was easier than most XP installations.
>>> It is easy to add more software, and my wife even likes it. In fact,
>>> she has been using it daily and the only complaint she has so far is
>>> that OpenOffice does not have as many fonts available as Word does on
>>> XP, but I am working on that issue.
>> That guy needs google!
>> There are billions of free true type fonts available on the net.
>> Just google!
>>> </Quote>
>>> http://blogs.computerworld.com/how_vistas_total_failure_hurt_linux
> I use a grand total of nine (that's NINE, or 9.0) typefaces. Galaxy,
> TNR, Century Schoolbook, Arial Round, Impact, Shruti, Courier, Brush
> Script, Cloister Gothic. These may change from time to time, but I keep
> it at 9, always have; don't ask why nine, it's a magic number. I strip
> out the ones that I don't use and that the system doesn't absolutely
> require. That leaves me with around 40 fonts on the system in total.
> Frees up a lot of memory, as the default for most systems (possible
> exception is RISC OS) is to load the entire catalogue of locally
> available typefaces into RAM.

SJVN must be having a bad day. His complaint is akin to "damn! This distro
sucks because I don't fancy the default wallpaper and it doesn't come with
many wallpapers."

If people want almost 10 gigs of junk rather than have it available as
download/addon, then there's already the trash called Vista.

More if not better if getting more is trivial. More in excess means bloat.

This may have been different before broadband arrived.

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