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Re: [comp.os.linux.advocacy] FAQ and Primer for COLA, Edition III, Part 2

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____/ Sermo Malifer on Thursday 29 January 2009 16:47 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> ____/ chrisv on Thursday 29 January 2009 14:24 : \____
>>> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>>>  23. Lie
>>>>      Lie, lie, lie, lie.  If you do it often enough you may create the
>>>>      appearance of truth.
>>> Doesn't work for "Hadron".  He just creates the appearence of a lying
>>> POS.
>> It's a very comprehensive and almost exhaustive list of troll tactics.
>> ...almost like the "technical evangelist" guidelines -- reverse engineered.
>> Ever since Microsoft announced the layoffs, the trolls have been rather
>> impotent.
> They've always been impotent.   They're just fleas riding on a big dog.
>    I don't take any pleasure in Microsoft's misfortunes, however.
>> Windows is now a freebie (for OEMs and sub-notebooks) and Office is under
>> siege as well. Microsoft is not prepared to deal with these market dynamics.
> Sure they are.   They've been diversifying for some time now.  They
> didn't get to be where they are by being stupid.
>> Intel is bruised too.
> I don't see any reason to be happy about that either.

Intel is all about x86 and it's highly corrupt.

Regarding the former point: without Intel, the industry might escape to
MIPS/ARM, which takes Microsoft away from 'home base'.

Regarding the former: c.f. briberies vs. AMD; Vista collusion; attack on OLPC;
dirty tricks with OEMs and docs; past stories of fraud.

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