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Re: TALKING POINTS Microsoft Memo (Comes Antitrust)


On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:23:55 -0500, George Barca wrote:

> I agree with that however the application also has to be one that users
> on the other platform are interested in using. I think one reason the
> big applications like Photoshop and Autocad are not available for Linux
> is because the manufacturers of these products are afraid the Linux
> users won't want to pay big dollars for them and additionally they are
> nervous about the GPL.

If Adobe doesn't use GPL code in their Linux port of Photoshop, then they 
have precisely _zero_ concern over the GPL.

As to worrying about people buying... people (aside from the sheep) tend 
to buy on merit.  That is, one will happily pay $699 for a decent product 
if there is $699 or more worth of perceived value in it.  However, that 
value is relative.  If something else - GIMP, for example - does 90% of 
what PS does, then the $699 cost must be offset by $699 or more in 
perceived value, but *only* in the additional functionality PS has that 
GIMP lacks.

Does PS do *so* much extra over GIMP and other apps that the _extras_ are 
worth the price tag?  If so, Adobe has no reason to worry about people 
not being willing to buy.  If not, then Adobe might ask themselves _why_ 
they expect people to pay $699 for, say, $50 worth of actual value.

(The $699 figure is for PS CS4, according to adobe's site.  YMMV.)

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