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Re: TALKING POINTS Microsoft Memo (Comes Antitrust)

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____/ George Barca on Monday 26 January 2009 15:14 : \____

> On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 18:41:58 +1100, Terry Porter
> <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>What type of compensation are you referring to?
> Being compensated if I write a book rather than people feeling
> they can freely copy it and give it to their friends for example.

Fallacy. Making free downloads and separating them from paid copies (phyical
books) works better for O'Reilly. Also see what Lessig said on the Colbert
show 2 weeks ago.

>>> I don't believe in giving stuff away unless every single entity
>>> is giving stuff away and that will never happen.
>>There are plenty of people giving stuff away right now. Richard Stallman
>>gave away GCC. 10s of thousands of GPL coders have given away their code,
>>including myself.
> Bad choice of words. What I meant was that the only way the give
> it all away free system works is if everyone is doing it.
> Look at free software for example.
> Some person sits at home nights and weekends writing a CD burning
> program and then gives away the source for others to use. Now
> Dell comes along and packages it as part of pre-installed Linux
> on a system and makes a profit.
> I personally think the person is an idiot and if the program was
> good enough he should protect it and sell it commercially.
> However if everyone was just using the program and giving it
> away, like the author did, then it wouldn't matter.
> The problem arises when some make money off the work of others.

See Red Hat for details. They make good money and enrich this market for

>>We did so willingly, and were happy to do so. Before I gave my code away,
>>(under the GPL) I already felt compensated.
>>> I don't believe in patenting a keystroke but yet I do believe
>>> that if a person comes up with a new method of calculating Pi to
>>> the billionth decimal place, he should be compensated by anyone
>>> who uses his method commercially.
>>> Basically I believe that if a person plows, sows seeds,
>>> cultivates the land and so forth he should be entitled to reap
>>> the benefits and he should be protected from others trying to
>>> worm their way into his action.
>>> One thing I find disturbing about the Linux/OSS community is that
>>> their seems to be a sub-group of activists that for some odd
>>> reason feel they are entitled to everything for free.
>>Which sub-group of activists are you referring to ?
> People who can't understand that patents and copyrights and other
> forms of protection exist for a reason and that reason is to
> ensure that the work that was put into the product is paid for in
> some fashion.

Many business (most businesses?) want these patents eliminated. But small
businesses don't write laws.

>>> In general the common denominator with these people is that they
>>> have done zero to contribute and often are the first to cry foul
>>> when their insignificant work may be compromised.
>>Who for instance ?
> Nobody in particular but if you look at Linux blogs and so forth
> you will find these freedom fighters who are often using the very
> software they loath by day and advocating the use of Linux and
> free software by night. Of course they are entitled to give their
> work away if they wish.

You are wrong. There are probably more jobs i services around software than in
writing it, particularly when monopolies prevail.

>>> It seems to me that the OSS community in general is chock full of
>>> bitter people who expect others to give their works away but yet
>>> won't give their own works away.
>>Maybe, but the GPL community is not.
>>> As an example, how many people here use or program Windows by day
>>> and advocate Linux by night?
>>I can't see how that is relevant. Many here are forced to use Windows in
>>their day jobs, they have no choice.
> True but when you read about it in a Linux advocacy group it kind
> of sours the message in my opinion.

RMS wrote GNU on an MIT-bred O/S. A pirate may stand inside the ship he's
trying to sink.

>>I'll never be interested in your code if it's not GPL or Linux.
> And as a Linux advocate, that is how it should be!
> George Barca
> georgebarca1981@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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