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Re: Congratulations to Apple OS/X

On Wed, 21 Jan 2009 18:37:25 -0800 (PST),
"nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>I don't feel negative about Apple's advertising the way I do about
>Microsoft's (like Get The Facts, give me a break, can't they do
>anything but put out lies?), partly because Apple has done a good job
>over the last couple of years explaining to people that malware is not
>just a fact of life, or something that is inevitable with computers.
>This has had a tremendous impact on the public perception of Windows,
>even for people who have stayed with Windows.   Windows has been
>copying Apple for so long that many aspects of the UI are nearly on a
>par, but still the Apple experience for most people is better than the
>Windows experience.  I base this on the testimonies I've read and
>heard.   A lot of people don't mind XP too much, but they positively
>love their Macs.

I have found that Mac users have evolved from the over zealous
type we all know to people who are just generally excited about
their systems.
I know many people who have moved from Windows XP and even
Windows 98 over to the Apple platform because of the ipod or
I'm not an Apple fan boy however from my real world experience
these systems are true user oriented systems.
Unlike Windows they are all in the box solutions and while one
can cherry pick Windows applications that don't exist on the
Apple systems, it also works both ways.

>Also I don't mind the iPod ads with the dancing girl with the wires
>hanging from her ears.  Not because it's sexy, but because it's
>elegant and effective, and I'm glad to see people buying iPods rather
>than Zunes (fortunately, that's what they're doing).  I wish Apple
>weren't tangled up with DRM, but it's not as bad as Vista where DRM
>seems to be the main purpose.  And I've got to hand it to Jobs and
>Apple, they do a great job of design.  Remember Jobs said that he
>didn't begrudge Gates's success in marketing, but what he couldn't
>forgive is that he had no taste.

DRM is a nasty fact of life.
I hate it but at the same time I realize that people need to be
paid for their efforts.
It's a very controversial issue and I don't really know what the
solution is.
Apple DRM is much less intrusive than Microsoft's which is always
barking at the user for one reason or another many times in

>Apple has also shown that Microsoft doesn't do so well when it has to
>compete on the basis of quality, rather than exploitation of their
>monopoly position.  An awful lot of what comes out of Redmond is some
>latest scheme to lock people into Microsoft products, to avoid
>competing on the merits of the product.   Apple doesn't do that (they
>can't, they don't have a monopoly position), instead they've just
>created some high quality products.

Microsoft is like the McDonalds of the software world.
You can get a "burger" cheap and quick.
However when you peel back the bun, scrape off the special sauce
and other garbage, the meat doesn't look like meat at all.

Apple makes a quality product.
A very high quality product that is beginning to gain momentum
with the folks in the trenches.
Apples only problem in my opinion is that they over price their
products by about 25 percent.
When a potential customer is in Frys looking at a Mac vs a PC
this really comes into play.
What sinks the PC of course is Vista, however Windows 7 might
change that.
Scratch that last statement, cut me off, too much wine :)
George Barca

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