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Re: Microsoft Chief: "We feel a huge threat from Linux."

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____/ Matt on Tuesday 20 January 2009 17:33 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> MR. ALLCHIN: -- and improve. The second is GPL. GPL is the licensing model.
>> We think it’s very bad for -- on an education, telling the world why we
>> think it’s bad. We don’t think it’s the same as public domain. Somebody
>> wants to put in a free DSB, we don’t have a problem with that, at least on
>> licensing. But
>              ^^^
> Read: BSD

Yes, I went through all 50 pages and the error was there. The assistant/typist
may have blown it. Maybe Allchin said it wrongly.. which is unlikely.

>> GPL, we think it’s very bad basically for the world, but especially for the
>> United States.
> He tries to equate US interests with interests of MS and MS partners.

Yes, "IP"....

> FOSS is inevitable.  About the worst strategy the US and UK software
> industries can take is to cling to Windows (while the rest of the world
> moves to FOSS).  But that is what they seem to be doing so far.  The
> sooner the monopoly is broken (starting with schools and governments) in
> a given country, the sooner that country's new FOSS-based industry can
> take root and prosper.

They try to impose their "IP" using trade agreements, the Gates Fundation[sic]
and various other means.

"IP" means "only to America" (or imperialists)...

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