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Re: Microsoft Chief on Linux: "I am Scared" (Comes vs MS - exhibit px07168)

Ezekiel wrote:
"Matt" <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:bvJcl.48808$Jy.31014@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

From: Jim Allchin
2. We need a paper which outlines technically how our system (kernel, web
service, file server) is better. I think we have Mark R signed up to write
this (robs was supposed to engage him on this). This paper needs to cover
things like the facts that we have a preemptive kernel, asychronous I/O, etc Facts. that go to the core of why windows is different and Linux is old unix. Facts

It seems he believed that Linux and Unix didn't have preemption or asynchronous I/O and that Windows did.

And he would be CORRECT. At the time this email was written asynchronous IO was *not* available for Linux. It's now a standard feature in the 2.6 kernel but it wasn't the case back when the memo was written.

As far as the preemptive kernel goes. At the time the memo was written the Linux kernel was *not* preemptive. Linux processes *are* preemptive but the kernel itself was not. Since you clearly don't know what you're talking about let me explain it for you.

If a /user-mode/ process is running then the Linux kernel is able to preempt the user-mode process. But the kernel could *not* preempt itself or other kernel code and it was written this way because it's a simpler kernel design.

Looks like you beat me to the Wikipedia article.  The point goes to you.

I guess that guy they hired out of DEC to build NT did know something about OS. Too bad for MS that they wouldn't allow him to make NT the way he wanted.

I would have the technical person help with this.

Yeah, that might be a good idea ... hopefully somebody who knew something about computers before he came to Microsoft ... do we have somebody who's taken an OS course in school?

So here we have some COLA bozo/advocate who is so full of himself that he actually believes he knows more about OS software than a senior exec at Microsoft. Hey Matt.... there's a reason why Allchin is a multi-billionaire with a senior exec position at one of the largest companies in the world and why you're not.

I don't expect it would take much to know more about OS than nearly all the senior execs at Microsoft.

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