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Re: Microsoft Chief on Linux: "I am Scared" (Comes vs MS - exhibit px07168)

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____/ Doug Mentohl on Sunday 18 January 2009 13:15 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> "One that I thought of while on the trip that I used dealt with the fact
> you need to recompile your apps, etc when a new release of Linux comes out"
> Wha'..
> "We need someone to tear down the indemnification offered from RedHat
> and IBM to customers. We need to understand exactly the risk a customer
> is under if a patent lawsuit happens and Linux is challenged. I’d like
> Dan to own this. There MUST be risks to customers that are being passed
> on. I want this understood precisely. We need to get the license from
> IBM given to customers and investigate."
> When does normal business competition cross the line into outright
> criminal activity?
> http://edge-op.org/iowa/www.iowaconsumercase.org/011607/7000/PX07168.pdf

Yes, I saw both of these too. I'm writing about these elsewhere. :-)

Trishul, anyone?

Microsoft GM in India:

"Am in Redmond this week. Wanted to catch up with you, You might be aware of
the work Bric team is doing on the proactive EDGI like proposal. Given the
impact of Education market in India globally for us and the threats from Linux
and piracy, I want to make this a big bet plan in India (post Novell - Sco and


That was said less then 6 months before SCO attacked Linux with Novell's IP.

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