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[News] Five Notable Features That GNU/Linux Has and Windows Hasn't

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5 Things I Would Miss in Linux Mint

,----[ Quote ]
| So after my last post, I figured it would be interesting to ask myself, “what 
| would I miss in Linux Mint?” if I were to go back to Windows Vista today.  I 
| came up with 5 nontrivial things.  
| [...]
| Here’s my list:
|    1. Expose / Windows Picker.  Shows me all my open windows with a quick 
|    push of a button. It’s like neatly laying out all my notes and paperwork 
|    on my desk in a nanosecond.  Very useful when I feel like I’ve got too 
|    many things going on.  I loved it on OS X, and I love it on Mint.   
|    2. Multiple desktops, and I have four.  It’s like having four separate 
|    tables to throw all my stuff on.  So I can put all my project A stuff 
|    here, project B stuff there, and all my personal notes and emails over 
|    there.  Wonderful! I’ve seen a co-worker use a virtual desktop on Windows, 
|    but it wouldn’t be a fair comparison because I believe he had to get an 
|    additional application to get that working.     



Exciting Technologies Coming to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The first half of 2009 is over and after your summer vacation, you might want
| to start gearing up for the new distro releases. Once again open source
| proved that developers collaborating all over the world deliver constant
| platform improvement. Let’s see what they have in store for us this time.


Linux 2.6.30's best five features

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. Fast boot. Older versions of Linux spend a lot of time scanning for hard
| drives and other storage devices and then partitions on each of them. This
| eats up a lot of milliseconds because it looks for them one at a time. With
| the 2.6.30 boot-up, however, instead of waiting for this to get done the rest
| of the kernel continues to boot-up. At the same time, the storage devices are
| being checked in parallel, two or more at a time, to further improve the
| system's boot speed.
| There are other efforts afoot to speed up Linux's boot times. The upshot of
| all this work will be to keep Linux the fastest booting operating system well
| into the future.

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